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Top10 things you must check before submitting the essay

top10 essay tipsJust think as a student, as to why you are writing an essay? Of course, you do not have a choice or say in this matter as you have been asked by your teacher or faculty to do so. Now, when one as a student has to write an essay, it is important that we do it right. Having said that, the main aim changes to incorporate all points and concepts that the marker or evaluator is expecting from it. It is like when you are thirsty, no deal of packaged Coke can substitute water. So we are checking all points in the order of their importance and impact on your grade.

Check 1: Wait. The longer the better.

But as experts say wait for at least 30 minutes, and engage in some activity that makes you forget what you wrote in your essay. This is because our brain overlooks all those details which it thinks it already knows. To do a good proof reading one must not recall what he/she wrote. Alternatively, you can take the help of your friend to do it for you. There are multiple online assignment help providing vendors who can review it for you too and it can be useful especially you have very less time to carry out the review of your essay or assignment.

I cnduo’t bvleiee taht I culod aulaclty uesdtannrd waht I was rdnaieg.

This is reason why we can still read what we are reading and an error can easily be missed in your review. Also if possible, carry out each step as a separate task separated with a certain time interval or alternate task. What I personally do is proofread two articles at the same time in an alternating order.

proofreading famous quote

 Check 2: Do this review activity in a quiet place without distractions

Never proofread an essay in a hurry or while multi-tasking by watching TV or talking to somebody. This works in our disadvantage as our brain is not able to dig into carefully to find our own faults.

Check 3: Check your typical mistakes first

It is very important to check each of the mistakes pointed by your evaluator in the past. If needed, it is wise to get those papers out and read them too. Not only has it taken away your mind from the article in question it also reiterates the mistakes which are most likely to occur in the essay being reviewed.

Check 4: Read each sentence loudly in the opposite direction

Our brain is used to expect a certain sentence as we read through it and we would not be able to read it in the correct manner. Read these sentences and words loudly as this increases your attention to each detail in the essay.

Check 5: Is the topic and word count correct.

No matter how dumb this sounds but under stress students can make silly mistakes in front of their eyes. Always name the file in the name of the title so that you do not send the incorrect word or PDF document instead. To check the word count go to the lower bottom of Word document and check what it says.

assignment word count1

If you would like to count the words of specific section then select the section using your mouse and check the same place again for a revised word count. Observe the change in the screen-shot below.

assignment word count2

Check 6: Open the marking criteria shared with you by the faculty and cross-check each section.

Read your own essay from top to bottom in one go. Once done check for the marking criteria and mark those which you have already catered to. In case some section is unintentionally left out, do squeeze in a few lines in the most appropriate place. Each marking criteria section should be easily visible as sub-headings or as separate paragraphs. If that’s not the case, then segregate each section adequately so that the evaluator is impressed by making it easier for him/her to evaluate the paper.

See also: Learn to write quality university assignment

important marking criteria

 Check 7: Break down too long sentences into smaller ones

Break down any sentence with more than one “and” or conjunctives and specify them as simpler and precise to the point sentences with at max 10 to 14 words in a sentence. Crisper sentences send across a crispy thought process which easier to communicate to the evaluator.

proof reading quote2

Check 8: Check for the correct referencing style being used

Check for each internal reference and the format in which it has been specified. Also check the bibliography. Do note that incomplete information about the sources like date, publisher, etc. is too considered as incorrect referencing. Make sure all ideas used from other sources are paraphrased properly and the original form looks entirely different from the one you are submitting.

Check 9: Double-check all the facts and figures

It is very important to check the correct units being specified and the usage of comma and full stop as punctuations. Also check currencies and short forms and units. Do reference each figure for sure.

 Check 10: Spelling and grammar check

Use the handy Microsoft word grammar checker which is an inbuilt feature. Look for zigzag underlines under sentences or words and right click on those words or phrases to check the alternatives.

My experience says that by catering to these points itself, most of the students who fail the evaluation can pass and others can increase their marks or points by around at least 20%. When this is carried out over a longer period of time, one can easily stop making the same mistakes you made earlier and can even submit essays without a review. Do write to us if you think there is any point which you feel helped you review and proofread your essay or assignment better in practical.

The above article is written by Emily Parker, a review expert at one of the leading assignment help service providers in Australia based on her experience over the last 5 years of proofreading.

Top10 things you must check before submitting the essay

Report writing in 3 very easy steps

threeI have always been asked by students to tell them some magical formula of report writing that would get them excellent grades. Most of the times they face difficulty either to understand the assignment question or even when they understand the question, they do not know the flow of the report. So I thought of taking this specific problem at hand and give them a basic rule to follow which might help them making better assignments in future easily.

Before mentioning the 3 magical points I would like to tell the students about the reason of the university to ask you to do an assignment. Once this is clear it will be easy to expertise the art of writing a good assignment. One of the major contributions of any university of this world is to give its students an exposure of many great theorists and experts quickly so that instead of a student making mistakes and learning, the student directly knows the best way of solving a problem. For e.g. an unlearned business man will do so many trial and errors to understand to do a business successfully but an MBA marketing student knows Marketing maestro Philip Kotler’s 5 Ps of marketing which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion…..Having understood this now an university expects you to know the concepts and theories and in addition to it they want you to be experts applying these concepts for any case or situation. So when an assignment comes your way then you must try to divide you assignment solution in 3 equal parts (in terms of word limits).These are those 3 broad sections of your assignment solution…

  1. Assignment gravity

  2. Mention theory

  3. Application of theory

Let us see these 3 points in details

1. Assignment gravity: The first of the three parts should be contributed to assignment explanation. This will include one or many of the following

  • Mention what is required to do in the assignment

  • Mention the scope of the assignment

  • Mention the limitations or assumptions you need to have while answering the case at hand.

  • You must always do a scenario analysis. This can include mentioning about marketing, government, company, stake holders, and industry analysis. Few of them are PESTLE analysis, SWOT analysis, and Profit and loss analysis.

2. Mention theory:  After having understood the gravity of the assignment you must see what are the theories which you can apply to solve the case. This is not as difficult as it sounds. Most of the times the assignment will require you to use the theories of the past sessions which your tutor or professor must have taken. Do not forget to add pictures and references of the theories Read more on referencing.

 3. Application of theory: This is the most creative part of the assignment where you have to link the first part with the second i.e. you need to apply the theory to the assignment case study and give your suggestions and creative solutions. So in this case you have suggested the solution by not taking assumptions but backing your solutions with an established theory or concepts.

So these were the 3 steps you must take while solving any assignment or report in your university.

Hope you liked it.


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Emily Parker

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Report writing in 3 very easy steps

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Learn to write quality university assignment

Whether you are writing your first assignment or fourteenth it’s good to know that writing assignments is not that hard. A few basic steps make writing easy. These steps will increase your learning, boost your grades and save your time. So here are Expert Assignment’s three smart tips on writing university assignments:
1. Answer the question
2. Develop a position
3. Use a TDR structure
How to write university assignment


Let’s take all the above three points’ one by one

1. Answer the question: The first and foremost thing is that the answers need to be relevant to the questions that have been asked. When you answer all aspects of the assignment is when you get maximum marks so start any assignment by spending few minutes analyzing the assignment question that has been asked. There are three main component in any assignment question

  • Task words : Tells you how to approach the question

  • Topic : Indicates what you are supposed to write about

  • Scope: Limit or stretch your focus further

Let us understand all the points with an example. Suppose the assignment has asked you to “Critically evaluate government’s stance on climatic changes”.

  • Task words: Here task one involves two things: critical thinking and making a judgment. To do this you have to take different points into consideration and look at the question from different angles discussing positive aspects as well as negative aspects and anything unknown.

  • Topic words: Here the topic is government’s stance. Understanding your topic helps you research.

  • Scope words: Here your focus should only be on government’s position on climate changes and not on other stuffs.

How to write university assignment 1


Taking time to break down the assignment question saves time and helps you focus on only the relevant part of the question at hand. This way you will avoid making the assignment question bigger or harder than what it needs to be.

2. Develop a position: After you have broken the question down to its components and you know what it focuses on, the next step is to develop a position on the topic. Now you might think that position is the same as an opinion but the two are in fact quite different. A academic position differs than the normal opinion in three main ways.

  • Evidence based and verifiable: An academic position is based on evidences which can be verified. These means where ever possible evidence should include research studies and you should reference the source of your ideas. References allow you to check the origin of the sources by itself.

  • Impersonal and objective: As academic position should be impersonal and objective. To do this one has to distance himself from the topic. You need to consider the facts without bias. Apply logic and reasoning to draw your conclusions and you should examine your view points from variety of sources.

  • Qualified and precise: Finally an academic assignment requires qualified ideas and being precise. This means two things : Using statistics like 87% when these are available rather than using categorical statements like frequently or always and  including exact measurements like 4.5 hours instead of using long or short.

How to write university assignment 2


Using the same example we used earlier here is how you develop your position.

  • Gather evidence:  You should track your sources so that you can reference them later. Appropriate sources for this assignment could be government reports and statements. Research findings and statements by scientists. Comments from leading authorities and industry groups and comparative data from other countries.

  • Adopt a neutral objective approach when examining the evidence. To do this you have to forget your own preconceived ideas on climate change and focus instead on understanding established scientific facts and logical arguments of scientific authorities. While you will take many perspectives into account you should be aware that there might be potential biases of different groups in putting forward a particular view.

  • Make sure you note any relevance statistics and empirical data that relates to this topic. Check the claims that people make about climatic change. If you like helping developing skills in referencing skills using sources not making creating and organizing ideas critical thinking and writing clear convincing arguments all of which are central for position based writing check out with our website

3.Use a TDR structure: When you have assembled your ideas and developed a position the next step in writing a university assignment is using an effective structure when you write. We can think of this using TDR structure. T stands for teacher; D means development and R means restatement. If you look at the different parts of a  well written university assignment it looks like this

TDR How to write university assignment 2


At the simplest level writers begin the assignment by introducing the topic. The topic includes a statement of the writer’s position. It is a good idea to mention the subtopics which you are going to discuss in your assignment. In the development section of your assignment also known as body, you can mention each topic in the order mentioned in the introduction. It is here that you include the details that support your position. Finally at the end of your assignment you restate your position and provide conclusions that relate to the subtopics you have discussed. Beginnings and endings are very important as you remember them the most. Both should have a wow factors. That is they should capture attention emphasizing the importance of the topic under discussion. We can see how this structure makes writing easier if we return to our earlier assignment question.

In the introduction you could begin with a powerful statement of real affects of climatic changes. You might follow this by highlighting the importance of government responses. You can state your informed position on these responses. Finally you can outline your way in which you have organized your arguments. In the development section you would provide the details to support your position. You would organize this by subtopic. Subtopics can include for e.g. government’s stance. Analysis of this stance taking into account scientific data, comparison of this stance to other countries, criticism from opposition and other industry groups. In other words each subtopics would introduce a different perspective on the topic to support your over argument. Finally in your conclusion you can include a summary on the points you have made. You might then reiterate the significance of appropriate government response. You could then remind the reader of real world the implications of their actions and then to finish off with areas of further research.

With this structure you can solve many tough assignments, essay and reports . A really simple way to learn about the TDR structure is to say what you are going to say and say what you said. Here is a schematic diagram of the above.

apply TDR structure in writing essays


Hope you liked this blog and this can help you increase your grades in your university.

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Learn to write quality university assignment

Essay help on Nelson Mandela

Many students face difficulty in writing essays on current topics so I decided to help the students by writing a 450 words essay on the current topics. Here is the first among the essay series :  " Nelson Mandela : A superb human being". All the readers of this blog are free to take the content of this essay for inspiration.

“It always seems impossible until its done “   a simple statement said by Madiba but in its depth encompasses the journey of one of the greatest visionaries of this world, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
Born in the Madiba clan in Mvezo, Transkei on July 18, 1918 Nelson Mandela was the one man to change the course of history in a way no one ever imagined. Losing his father at the tender age of 12, Rolihlahla became a ward of the acting king of Thembu people, Jongintaba Dalindyebo.
Finishing his education in various stages, Madiba became politically involved in 1942 and joined the African National Congress in 1944 where he helped to form the ANC Youth League. The ANCYL under Mandela’s guidance adopted a radical mass-based policy, the Programme of Action. After this event Nelson Mandela rose through the ranks and the masses of South Africa. He was imprisoned of a total of 27 years in which he was not even allowed to attend the funeral of his mother and his eldest son, Thembi.
He fought fervently against the minority white rule and the concept of racial discrimination. 

He believed that

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” 

In the year 1991 Nelson Madela was elected the president of ANC and in the year 1993 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.His struggle for the people of his nation and the world had instilled faith in the hearts of the people for their beloved Madiba. The increasing faith and love of the people showed when in the year 1994 Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president. After completing one term as president Mandela stepped down and established various organizations for the benefit of the less fortunate people. He believed that education is the most powerful weapon to change the world and worked towards a world where education is available to all.

Nelson Mandela was an example that with the right amount of belief and determination you can achieve the greatest successes in life. He believed in democracy, equality and learning so all his life he kept the fight going for all of these. He never answered violence with violence or racism with racism; instead he became an inspiration for all those oppose discrimination and also those who face it everyday of their lives.
Seldom is the world blessed with such visionaries but if we as individuals are able to learn something from such legends and implement the same in our lives , the world would become a much better place to live in.

Emily parker 

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Referencing in academic assignments

Today I will be telling you 7 things you must check before submitting any assignment. When we help students in writing assignment we take care of these points so that it can fetch you excellent grades but even you can utilize with our expertise without spending money

1.     Automatic in text citation : It is very important that you cite facts, formula, quote where ever you are writing in the assignment. It is one of the biggest mistake you can do to your assignments if you are not citing the work Check this link to learn how to make automatic citations  (
2.     Automatic table of content (
3.     Cover page (
4.     Border  (
6.     Spell check  (

7.     Times new roman 12 font size, double spacing and centre alignment (

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Why Is Professional Help In Dissertation Writing Important?

If you are caught up in a situation where your dissertation submission dates are nearing and you are at a loss .If you are looking for help with writing dissertation, you have multiple opportunities now, you can look for help from tutors or the easiest means would be online help which are available and accessible 24/7.  Writing a dissertation is not an easy task so these days editors and advisers provide dissertation writing help to Ph.D. students. An expert in Dissertation writing assists learners in writing a university-accepted doctoral dissertation by breaking it down into smaller tasks. Dissertation editors generally provide dissertation writing help to Ph.D. students. Dissertation writing requires deep knowledge more so when it is for writing a university-accepted doctoral dissertation. The time you spend in compiling the project is very critical. It signifies the height of years of dedicated work spent in researching, collecting data, analyzing it, drawing conclusions, and reporting the entire process in a pre-defined format. It generally becomes very difficult for the students as they have to manage a very busy schedule. There are various pitfalls that Ph.D. students face while on their mission to achieving the coveted doctoral degree. So it is highly advisable to seek some professional help as they have highly qualified experts; suffice it to say that they provide custom work, on-time completion, and all necessary revisions.

Seeking custom dissertation writing help or essay writing help does not at all mean that the writer writes the dissertation for the student. Rather the helper pools resources, corrects, and advises according to university accepted standards. The use of the right words even for writing the acknowledgement has a momentous impact on the final document and the grade the student gets. Doctoral students sometimes face hindrances in spelling typos and grammar, but more often it is in presenting the methodology, data collection, and references. In such scenario even a little bit of dissertation writing help can do wonders for their project, transforming them into pieces of seamless compositions that earn good grades.

 Moreover the wrangle between accuracy and adhering to stipulated regulations generally leave the students exhausted. In such scenarios, some help in putting the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together in the right way and proofreading it to perfection is like a blessing for any student. It is very important to submit a properly-planned, well-researched, error-free, and unique dissertation which is what a professional dissertation writing help would take care of .It is best to leave the task to proficient tutors who are adept at handling it to great precision. You can depend on the writing helpers as they are well aware of the plagiarism and copyright issues and keep your documents free from that .The best feature of such assignment help providers is that they provide custom essay writing help.

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What is Bitcoin

In this post we will explain what is Bitcoin and how students can take its help to start off with earning their pocket money for day to day expenses or for even taking assignment help for their assignments.

Bitcoin is first ever decentralized currency. Bitcoins are digital coins you can send through your internet and compared to other alternatives  Bitcoins have a number of advantages. Bitcoins are transferred from person to person via the internet without going through a bank or clearing out. This means that the fees are much lower and you can use them in every country. Your account can not be frozen and there are not prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Lets see how it works :
Bitcoins are generated all over the internet by anybody running a free application which is called Bitcoin miner application. Mining requires a certain amount of work to get a certain amount of coins. The value of these coins can be adjusted by the network such that Bitcoins are always created in a fixed and adjusted rates  After a few minutes, the transaction is verified by a miner and the record is permanently stored in the network.The bitcoin softwares are completely open source and anybody can review the code. 
Your Bitcoins are stored in your digital wallet which might look similar like your internet banking. When you transfer bitcoins, an electronic signature is added.

Bitcoins are changing finance the same way internet changed publishing. When every body has access to global markets great ideas flourish. Let us look at some examples to see how Bitcoins are used today...
You can purchase video games, gifts, books, assignment services , servers or anything under the sky which is available on internet. Not only this you can trade your bit coins with dollar, pounds and other popular currencies. Bitcoins are a great way in which small businesses and freelancers get noticed.
It doesn't cost anything, there are no charge backs and fees and you can get business from the bitcoin economy. 
For your first bitcoins and more information you can check this link 
Here is a brief schematic diagram of the bitcoin link 

Hope this article was helpful to you in understand Bitcoins. You can use this article in your academic essays and assignments.

Emily Parker

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How to avoid frauds in online assignment help

Hi guys,

I receive so many emails where students are asking me on how to avoid being a pray to all the frauds happening by small and big online assignment help providers. After having worked for ExpertAssignementHelp I can now feel the concern of the students since they have to belief on the company upfront to pay money and many service providers are taking undue advantage of this situation and loot students. Here are some tips you must follow when choosing an online assignment help company.

1. Always talk to an expert : Never place an order without actually talking to the customer representative. Note the way of chatting/ speaking of the customer representative...Note his/ her English as many a times these websites are owned by Kenyan writers and they are very poor in written English.

2. Talk about terms and conditions:    Talk about terms and conditions with the customer representative specially about rework policy and payment methodology.

3. Authentic payment gateways : Avoid dealing with websites which doesn't have payment gateways as payment gateways secure the interest of the customers. If you feel that the website has not given you a satisfactory result then you can file a dispute on the gateway (for ex. paypal etc ) and they will take appropriate actions.

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Online Assignment Help – Fostering Future Leaders

Today’s enterprises need expert leaders so that they can help the world in their own way and shift the widest possible paradigms to the advancements and complete turn around revolution. However, it takes people who have adequate talents, knowledge, and experience to change the environment. Today, students are looking to improve their performance as well as grades in order to penetrate the industrial world and become the finest leader to helm the economy. Students in their schools and colleges are giving their time, efforts, and money to achieve the success and unbridled growth. In fact, several online websites are continuously helping college students so that they can achieve what they want to shine. 

These websites are committed to foster students’ objectives so that they can change the environment and enable industrial and business growth. These sites enable students to stand out and focus on their core capabilities. These websites are responsive and helpful. Indeed, these are revolutionizing the student talents and college teams! These sites help in writing assignments, essays, and dissertations for the students on different subjects. Students can rely on these sites as these sites have professional subjects’ experts who can deliver assignments on any given subject. In fact, it is a fast, flexible, and easy way to get the assignment written.

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Seamless, Professional Assignment Writing Help for Solid Grades

Do you your assignment to be seamless, professional, error-free, and subject-oriented? Then you must look for online assignment writing help. There are several assignment help providers that are able to write superior quality and fully professional assignments for you. It is true that it becomes very difficult to write assignments on many topics or subjects when the deadline is near.

Many students try to accomplish the tasks in a professional manner without any mistake, but they fail to generate the high-quality assignments, which lower their grades. It is a big mistake, when you have less time to collect, interpret, write, and submit your assignments ,then you must take online help. In fact, it is a natural way of showing your skills.

Professional writers are adroit in developing qualitative assignment on different subjects.  You can expect MBA assignment help, statistics assignment help, dissertation writing help, engineering assignments & projects help and much more at the most competitive rates. Unquestionably, they save your time, efforts and help you in getting good grades to build your career. You can rely on their skills and knowledge. You will never have to write those boring and killing assignments in your session.

Professional writing experts know the vitality of submitting well-researched, well-designed, analytical, factual, and well-written assignments. This is why they take quality very seriously and develop genuine work in a professional manner. They develop custom assignments as per your evolving needs. Students who want to substantially improve their grade often rely on these online assignment writing services.

Expert Assignment Writing Service for Academic Success

Are you seriously seeking out for an expert assignment writing service that can really offer you the highest quality and comprehensive work in a professional manner? Then you must choose online assignment help providers. They ensure successful delivery of assignments or essays or homework or dissertation in a timely manner. They provide genuine help to the students having less time to submit their papers. They are determined to provide original, scalable and reliable work that will provide guaranteed success to you in your examinations.

If you are in great trouble in gathering all the data, material, facts, figures, information, graphs, details, descriptions, and even books on a specific topic, then also you can rely on these online assignment writing providers. They have experienced professionals who can write unparallel assignments, essays and dissertations that can fetch you great grades in your examination.

You don’t have face challenges or rush for references, books, guides or tutorials. Expert professors and teachers will work for you to help you at each and every step towards your fortune. You will never compromise on your grades or performance and will excel because you have professionally written assignments in your hands. 

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Confident Essay writing services

Sometimes students fail to give the desired quality of essays and sometimes miss their deadlines. These are the most common problems, which students face in their academic lives. They strive a lot to write superior quality essays and assignments, but fail to put the quality, expertise and professionalism. They sometimes even fail to fetch the data needed to develop pa perfectly sounding and fact-based essay. Even it becomes highly boring and tiring to write essays during the exams or sessions. This is the reason they seek expert essay writing help in order to complete their academic assignments and get good grades.

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Writing experts have complete mastery in essay writing, assignment writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, homework assignments, exam preparation guidance, PowerPoint presentation help, resume checking and much more. They offer a vast selection of online assignment as well as essay writing help services for students from different countries.

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Student’s Best Friends – Assignment Help

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It is true that delving for the exact answer to the question demands expertise and keen eyes, because you need to search in many books and guides, which becomes impossible when the exams are hailing next week or so. At this time, the best thing to consider is to online help from the assignment writing masters, only they can help and develop exclusive assignment or essay as per the needs of the students. 

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