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Essay Writing Competition

Essay writing is not just a method of academic assessment, but also an art. This is an art of reporting and describing about a topic. It not only requires storytelling skills, but also the presentation of the story. With our Essay Writing Competition, we want to discover essay writing talent from the student community.

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Essay topics
1. My horror story regarding Plagiarism.
2. My experience of first day at university.
3. My idea for academic evaluation of students at university.
4. The future of university education in 22nd century.
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1. Essay Content (200 points)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bloom’s Taxonomy Applied On Designing An Application


An application is a set of programs brought in together to accomplish a set of tasks. The requirements of the user are assembled to give it a shape. Many classes and sub-class with varying functionalities make up the main module. Lists of the requirements are to be catalogued to address the issue. A detailed listing of each module with its functionality is to be done and documented. The pieces listed are to be mapped to make it functional and provide the entailed. The sub-classes are linked to the class and the set of classes are connected to the main module. Different users can be restricted to access different modules of the main module. A pictorial representation can be adopted to depict the flow of a procedure. The modules can be represented by an image and other add-ins. The designer has to consider the development cost, time taken to accomplish the task and enhancing the work by adding some useful add-ins.


The designer has to understand the needs of the scenario he has taken up. The outline of the main module with its classes is summarized. The flow of the program is briefed with its links to different functional modules. A flow chart can be used to depict the flow of the program. The detailing of the classes with its sub-classes are explained. Input and output parameters for each module have to be described. The flow of the parameters between the modules has to be explained. The designer can enhance his work by adopting methods to consume time in user navigation. Different methodologies that can address the functionalities of the components have to be catalogued. The different methodologies have to be compared to opt one among them. The estimated cost has to be considered to choose the methodology. Time duration to bring the module into working state has to be estimated. 


Use a scrapbook to chart down the essentials to be addressed in the work. The classes and sub-classes are to be illustrated in detail. The designer is considering the development cost, estimated time and additional add-ins to enhance the work. Any previous experience of similar work will aid in the present work. Examine the different stages involved in development. Considering the various stages, the estimated time to design each sub-class is calculated. The individual estimated time of all the sub-classes are summed to obtain the total estimated time to complete the work. The total cost required in development can be estimated examining the various stages of development. Different enhancing methodologies can be explored. Examining the total estimated cost and time required in developing a good suitable enhancing technique is to be adopted. The designer has to consider adapting the tips aiding in better user navigation. The additional cost used to develop the tips is estimated.


The designer has to consider the three considerations made – total time estimation, total cost estimated and enhancing the work by including some add-ins. Previous work of the designer has to be analyzed to bring out the similarities. The outcome is compared with the expected outcome of the present work. The inclusions of time required in the planning of the design, its examination to fit the requirement, meetings, reviews, presenting the work before the respective officials have to be identified and examined for its feasibility. The time required to complete the entire procedure has to be analyzed, including the delay estimation. The cost required to bring in all the players to a common platform to finish their work, equipments and other miscellaneous have to be examined and categorized. Additional cost and time has to be estimated in case of any delays. The cost and time required to design additional add-ins have to be compared to the present technology and examined for its feasibility.


The design can be made a comparison to the previous work. Both the outcomes are compared and rated. The verification of the requirements of the outcome has to be done. Additional recommendations to enhance the design have to be provided. The recommendations have to be prioritized. The approach aids by providing a better outcome in future work. The doings of the procedure are to be debated for its effectiveness. The feedback of the shareholders can be gathered and an argument can be lined to provide suggestions to improve the work. The design has to be assessed with the present technology samples. A discussion with an expertise and other stakeholders can be teamed.  The group players shall prioritize the recommendations to match the current technology. The group will discuss over the cost and time occurred to complete the design. The documented recommendations of the group aid in future work.


Considering the prioritized recommendations of the group members, the new design is proposed. The future work is designed considering to reduce the cost and expected time. The expert’s suggestions are involved to bring in good design. Other recommendations to encompass the current technology are considered to bring in better designs. The improved design can be planned to be executed on multiple platforms. The terminals using different operating systems should be able to run the application. The cross-platform can be used by additional plug-ins to bring the application into play. The add-ins can be invented into the design that aids in keeping the users with the application for a long time. Using better user navigation tools can be adopted to enhance the work.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Depreciation: Straight line Method Vs Double Declining methods

When a company buys a long lived asset, such as equipment, machine, etc., it is not considered as an expense in the financial statements of the company. In fact, it is treated as an asset in the balance sheet. The value of the asset is then considered decreasing with time and the part of value decreased year by year is mentioned in financial statement as the depreciation expense. The efficiency and the working capability of the long lived assets decrease due to their wear and tear with time. The rate of decrease in the asset value depends on the depreciation method, the given company has adopted. At the end of the useful life of the long lived assets, if any value remains underappreciated, that value is called the salvage value of the asset. This article can provide help with finance assignment as well as provide help with accounting assignment.
There are different methods of depreciating the long lived assets. Among them, the two most used methods are straight line method and double declining method. In each method, there is a specific way to capture the depreciation expense in the financial statements. These methods are based on the certain assumptions. Let’s discuss these methods using examples.
In case of straight line method, the value of the asset is assumed to be reduced uniformly throughout the life of the asset. So, the annual depreciation expense, in this case, is the total value of asset divided by the number of years of the useful life. For example, a company purchases a machine at the cost of $500,000 with five years of useful life. Here, machine is stated in the company’s balance sheet as an asset with the value of $500,000. Suppose the company uses the straight line method for depreciation. Then, the annual equal depreciation expense for each of five years will be $100,000 (=$500,000/5). At the end of five years, there will be no salvage value.
In case of double declining method, the depreciating rate is double than the straight line method. If the useful life is four years, the depreciating rate for the straight line method is 1 /4 while it is 1 /2 (=2*(1/4) for double declining method. Let’s have an example. For example, a company purchases a machine at the cost of $500,000 with five years of useful life. Here, machine is stated in the company’s balance sheet as an asset with the value of $500,000. Suppose the company uses the double declining line method for depreciation. Then, the annual depreciation expense for the first year will be $200,000 (= $500,000*(2/5)). For next year, the book value will be $300,000 after deducting the first year depreciation expense from the initial book value. Annual basis depreciation is shown below:
Year  Beginning book value Depreciation expense Ending book value
1 $500,000 $                  200,000 $300,000 
2 $300,000 $                  120,000 $180,000 
3 $180,000 $                    72,000 $108,000 
4 $108,000 $                    43,200 $64,800 
5 $64,800 $                    25,920 $38,880 

At the end of five years, there will be $38,880 as salvage value.

From these examples, it is clear that the annual depreciation expense is different over the life of the asset in these methods. Both methods cause the same total depreciation expenses over the life of the asset. The difference is in the timing of the recognition of the depreciation expense. These two methods influence and give impacts on the financial statements in a different way.   Let’s have a look. It will help the finance essay writer to include more information about depreciation.

In double declining method, more value of the long lived assets are depreciated in the early periods of the useful life as compared to straight line method. So, in double declining method, taxable income is less in early periods of the life of assets related to straight line method. So, the company using double declining method has lower taxable income, lower net income and lower net profit margin in the early years of the life of assets related to that of the company using the straight line method.

Due to the less taxable income in the early periods of the life of assets related to straight line method, less tax is deducted in the company in early periods using the double declining method than that of the company using straight line method.

So, the value of depreciation expense influences the financial condition and financial performance of a company by altering the financial statements. Obviously it depends on the method of depreciation a company choose to apply. Apart from that, the estimations and assumptions made under these methods have influenced the financial statements to a great extent. In depreciation calculation, two factors have to be estimated. One is the useful life of the asset. Other is the salvage value. By changing these two factors, there will be significant change in the taxable income and net income. In turn, these alter different financial ratios, which measure the financial health of a company. This article will be useful in providing the finance assignment help.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Financially Independent?

One of the very important question, that is relevant to all classes of persons of a society is ‘how much money do you need to be financially independent?’ If we do have the answer of this question, then we will have an easy life, without any financial distress. Let’s have a discussion on this issue. But before that, we should have a very clear concept of what the financially independent means. Here, how we define the financial independence is of a great concern. This article can provide help with finance assignment.
 We are financially independent means we do not rely on others’ wealth or others’ goodwill to satisfy our needs and wishes, which require money. For example, if I want to have my own house, then I should have my own sufficient money to buy a house, without asking money for this to others. This scenario justifies that I am financially independent. Let’s have another example. Suppose, Mr X has the living expense of $30,000 per year and he is earning $75,000 per year, then we can say Mr X is financially independent as he does not have to be dependent on others for his expenses. Financially dependent means you are dependent on others for money. For instance, when we are school going students, we financially depend on our parents or guardians for all kinds of expenses, whether it is school fee or whether it is for fulfilling our day to day basic expenses or whether it is for satisfying our wishes. We need to ask money for these expenses with our parents or guardians.
Financial independence is not related with the amount of wealth a person has. In other word, it is not like that all rich persons are financially independent and it is also not like that all poor persons are financially dependent. Financial independence is the function of the people’s expenses, monetary requirements and the available their own money. If the person has sufficient money to fulfill his expenses and monetary requirements he can be considered as the financially independent person, no matter whether he is rich or not. For example, suppose a person earns $30,000 per year, while his annual monetary requirement is not more than $19,000. In this case, this person is considered as financially independent. Let’s take another example. Assume a person earns $100,000 per year, but his annual monetary requirement is $101,000. In this case, he can be considered as financially dependent as he has to rely on other persons for additional $1,000 per annum, which is not covered by his earnings. So, financially independence is basically reflected through the balance between one’s monetary requirement and his/her own money/wealth. In case anyone would like to know more about this This article can be useful for essay writer.
Now, we understood what the financially independent means. The next question that comes in our mind is how much money is required to make us financially independent. If we know the answer of this question, then we never face any type of financial distress in any phase of our life, while fulfilling our monetary requirements. But, unfortunately, we can’t say a specific and single answer to it. The answer can’t be generalized. Each person has his/her own situations and conditions. Each one has his/her own lifestyle dictating his/her living costs, has own specific desires, etc. Apart from them, the age of the person or phase of his life also dictates the monetary requirements of present and future. So, these all, in together define one’s monetary requirements. Based on that, the exact amount can be calculated, which make a person financially independent. If one wonders how to do that now this article content can provide the financial management assignment help too.  As explained earlier, in order to be financially independent, one should have full and complete information about the following two things in advance.

  • All monetary requirements, including day to day expenses for present and for future till our life.
  • All capital requirements; college fee, purchase of a house, purchase of a car, etc., to be required presently or/and future till our life.

If we do have these two information, then we can easily determine the exact amount, which is required to make us financially independent. But getting this information in advance is not an easy thing. In fact, it is not possible. Our future is quite uncertain. We can’t predict our future monetary requirements in exact figure. Some urgency or emergency could suddenly come up and we need to spend the unexpected amount. This, in turn, could make us financially dependent by increasing the expenses in relation to the savings. Though, we can try to be financially independent to some extent through proper financial planning. We can plan and invest our savings in such a way that it, along with our regular income if we do have, will take care of all our expenses; present and future.

Hence, the answer of the above mentioned question is not easy. For this, a lot of analysis has to be done on the individual basis. Estimation of the future expenses has to be done. Some assumptions have to be made. After doing all these, we can come up with a figure that can make a person financially independent. But even after putting so much effort, no one can give guarantee about the financial independence of a person. This is due to the uncertainty of the future, as explained earlier. The information provided here can be used to provide the finance assignment help.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Another Cheating Controversy- This Time its University of Sydney

Medical education is always very competitive and only top quality students are able to reach to that level. However, may be due to the excessive pressure or due to some loss in personal integrity, recently, students from some of Sydney’s top medical schools are found involving in morally wrong practices. Much before the earlier issue could be settled, another cheating controversy is revealed involving mostly psychiatrists, doctors, and registrars. They are charged of cheating during their medical examination by collusion and sharing illegitimate photos of the question paper. If you are from these medical schools, and want to get away from all this, take assignment help Sydney. As per the report presented, it is found that some of the students from those medical schools are cheating in their examination since 2009. Mainly images of question papers from earlier years are shared with pediatrics, psychiatry, and community department’s students from the current batch. Unfortunately, it is the second time when similar allegations of academic misconduct are raised against the faculty of the same prestigious medical school within one year. The earlier issue involved students who supposedly interviewed dead patients, manufactured patients, and falsified records, in their integrated population medicine program. Sometimes though students start to have problems with with their study load, they start to procrastinate. Help with assignments in Sydney is designed to prepare medical students for their examination.
Generally, the main cause of this problem is that the University of Sydney seems to reuse questions from its earlier examinations as question papers from each year is made from a single repository. However, the university takes extra caution and don’t allow students to take away question paper after the completion of their examination. Unfortunately, the information that university reuses its earlier question paper is well known among students and they try to take some undue advantage of that. The university also admitted the fact openly that they reuse their question paper, and clarified, that the university reuses only a portion of the question year after year, and the question paper of any two years are always significantly different.
According to the spokesperson, although it is a prevalent practice in the university, there is no sign that this is really benefitting the students in the long run. He also revealed that every year a panel review earlier year question papers to see for which questions more than average number of students are managing to get the right answers. On the basis of this principle, on an average 1.5% of the question are removed from each year, and the rest is kept for reusing in subsequent years. You may take marketing assignment help to be ethically correct in completing assignments.
 To control this possible malpractice, the university has now made a mandate that each student needs to sign an agreement before their examination, but surprisingly, students don’t stop even after that. A recent paper in the British Medical Journal has investigated what could be the possible cultural factors inducing such ethically wrong practices among medical students. In this regard, the sharing of images is taken too seriously, as many university officials knew that the earlier students used “exam recall” strategy to remember the questions from examination and later sharing it among juniors, and they didn’t give much importance to that. Faculties of these medical schools feel that this kind of lack of security to maintain the validity of the examination is highly important as otherwise in future doubts can be raised towards the qualification of our graduates, and that would be most unfortunate. If you are also dishearten by all this, then take assistance with assignment in Sydney.

Are You One of Those Who Don’t Like Foreign Languages: Here's Why

If you have a positive response to the questions given in the title, then you must realize that you are not the one who don’t like learning any foreign languages at school or university level in Australia. There is a growing trend over the last a few decades or so, when the foreign language learning demand has significantly reduced in almost throughout Australia. Surprisingly, this trend continues even when Australia as a country is in the second decade of it so-called Asian Century. The decline in the number of students learning foreign languages is quite rapid, as in 1960 around 40% of students was learning one foreign language, but currently it has come down to around 10% of students. Even, this 10% includes students whose mother tongue is other than English. The case of Australia is quite different than other OECD countries, as in those other countries, most of the students complete school with at least one foreign language. If you want to learn some foreign language and need assistance then you can avail assignment help Sydney or help with assignments in Sydney. Interest to learn foreign language has also reduced in leading universities of Australia, as in the University of NSW 1524 students took Chinese at HSC level in the year 2005, in 2015, the number of students of Chinese dropped to 832, whereas the total number of students at HSC is 12000 more in 2015 than 2005. More interestingly, even from that 832 students a mere 153 is pursuing Chinese as a second language. The state of Japanese is slightly better than Chinese, but the number of students getting enrolled in Indonesian is really insignificant. In this situation, the most preferred second language in NSW schools is still French. If you need special assistance for learning a foreign language you can take marketing assignment help.
Most of the experts and scholars working in the field of teaching various foreign language feel that the main reason behind this decline is the “monolingual mentality” prevalent in the country. According to this mindset, individuals get a strange conviction that English as a language is enough, as it has got Australian this far, it will also do the same in the future. However, the world is not same and of late, it is changing rapidly. Especially, with the rise of new Asian countries in the world economy, an individual must know more than one language to be able to cope up with some inadvertent situation. Students tend to build up some sort of procastination towards learning or knowing foreign languages and subjects. To be able to come out of this mindset you are recommended to take assistance with assignments in Sydney.
Another more practical reason why students are losing interest of studying a foreign language is the lack of qualified language teachers resulting in lack of attention to students, especially during the early years. Even the mandatory 100 hours in year 7 or 8 is also not properly undertaken. In this context, Asia Education Foundation Research found that students tend to continue with some foreign language when they have a more choice. And in recent years, the various Government intervention has made a significant difference. As previously in 10+2 level, students need to choose 5-6 subjects and two of them had to be languages, but with recent focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students are only encouraged to take 4 subjects at this level. Naturally, students are taking subjects which will possibly help them get into some professional courses, without realizing the paramount importance learning a language holds in one’s life.

So as a concluding remark, it can be highlighted that to improve the conditions of foreign languages in the country, multiple changes at different levels are required, and most importantly, citizens need to change their monolingual mindset.

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