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Using a modern drafting software helps a lot in thesis writing

Composing a thesis is a complicated task. A lot of work is required from you. From taking notes, to making drafts to doing the research work and then finally preparing the document. There are many articles and books which explain how to do it, but these articles and books can be followed more easily if you also have software information which can be used.
Yes, a number of great softwares which can reduce down your work are available, and most them are for free.
Now, when there are so many of them, it might be confusing to choose the perfect one for you.
So here the experts of online assignment help in Sydney have suggested three rules to select the software:
It should be simple:
Don’t go for softwares which have unnecessary functions and are complicated to use, Choose the ones which are user friendly and simple to operate. Once you will get a hang of it, you will be able to do a lot tasks with it.
Choose the one which your friend chose:
Yes, don’t try to be extraordinary by selecting a totally different software. If you will use the one your friend also used, it will be a lot easier to share files, and also if you have some queries while operating it, you can take his/her help.

Choose the one which will synchronise the data:
Sometimes the software clashes, or the computer goes down and you might lose data, so use the software that will sync up data through the internet or which will keep copies of your data in the cloud.

According to the writers of marketing assignment help, these softwares can help you in three ways, that are:

Literature management.
Drafting a thesis.
Writing a thesis.

So, far it’s clear that these softwares can help us in writing the thesis. So now lets have a look on the list of softwares which can be used as recommended by the experts of assignment assistance in Sydney:

Scrivener is a great software for doing project management. It is very user friendly and will let you organize the data very efficiently. You can write a large document by breaking it up into fragments with the use of its drag drop interface. It also provides a database where you can store up the folders, images and notes that you have gathered through the research work. It is compatible with almost all document types, so you can export the file in any format you wish to.

This is an open source software which can handle large documents easily. Alike from MS Word, this has the feature which separates the main content from the document design. It is very useful in handling tables, mathematical equations and figures. It can also handle citations and referencing very smoothly.
Mendeley is very helpful with reviewing literature and formatting the references. It’s quite easy to use and very powerful at synchronizing the data. It can synchronise everything on your computer to the cloud, so you will never lose data when your computer goes down.

If you face any problem while working with these softwares, don’t panic, as you can always take guidance from the masters who provide help with assignments in Sydney.

Detailed structure and content of a thesis: Technical chapters

Technical chapters are that part of the thesis, from where the main discussion of the problem starts. This section will acquaint the readers from, what are your findings, how important are they, what do they consist and what do they mean.

This section requires, that you have full confidence in your opinions and your research work. You should have the right spirit to voice out your views and convince the readers. You need to be creative enough, to use the correct and different mediums to convey the information to the readers.

So, a perfect blend of confidence and creativeness, can easily make you a master in writing a thesis.

The technical chapters of a thesis, can be broken down into several sections. Let's see what these sections are and discuss them individually.
This chapter is dedicated to explaining how the research work has been done. You should begin by telling, which method you chose to start the research work and the reason for choosing it.
You can give a short comparison of the chosen method to the ones not chosen. You should also mention, how you analysed the data in this section. Give details of each step involved in gathering the data and analysing it. Include a short introductory paragraph to familiarize the readers with the contents of this section.
To make writing this section more simple, masters of marketing assignment help have a few subheading which can help you in composing and organizing the data:

Research template
Sources of information
Procedure of research
Analysis of data
Statistics of the data
Research instrument

By using these subheadings and writing accordingly, the structure of technical chapters can improve, and for clearing doubts, you can take the guidance of writers who provide online assignment help in Sydney.

Once the research is complete, you need to discuss about the implications of your findings. This will include explaining the results of your analysis. If you are bad at writing explanations, take help from experts who can help with assignments.

You need to discuss whether the situation which is created is favourable or unfavourable. Next, you need to point out the cause of the problem, and then establish a logical relationship between the cause and the problem. Then you need to discuss about the effects which the problem might be causing or may cause in the future. You also need to discuss the measures, which can be taken to resolve the problem if it is having a negative impact, or if it a favourable situation then give measures to maintain it.
In this section, you need to discuss the findings you made in relation to the already known facts. Usually students try to escape from this section, but this should not be done, as this section helps in answering a lot of questions. You can begin with correlating your research work with the sources that you mentioned in the literature review section. Also, try including the practical implications of your study under this section.

You should also mention the limitations of your study in this chapter and the scope for future research which can be done. To end this chapter give a nice conclusion. Expert writers of assignment assistance in Sydney can help you with some awesome conclusion lines.

Writing down the technical chapters is the most difficult and time taking process of a thesis. You need to have full knowledge, confidence and creativity to excel the art of writing it down. This article brings in the little details which will help you a lot in this procedure. It explains about what all you should cover while writing the technical chapters and how you should organize it.

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If you are good at essays, you can offer essay help to your friends and get treated for a party

If you are good at essays, you can offer essay help to your friends and get treated for a party
You might have heard about the old saying that there is no harm in learning as always what you learn in life might not give you benefit immediately, but can always prove to be useful in the long run. Same goes with writing skill, especially how to write a good essay or a journal article. Often grad and undergrad students in the USA tend to underestimate the importance of developing an excellent skill of writing essays. And that rightly explains the current scenario, where students of these levels predominantly depend on professional custom essay writers for writing their essays without attempting them on their own. This trend has changed a lot when online academic assistance providers started offering help online and students can avail these services from the comfort of their homes. Alternatively, if you are a student who has a good grasp of English grammar, can organize thoughts in terms of arguments, and can present them in a logically plausible manner, then you can really think of sharpening your skill of essay writing to provide essay writing help to your fellow classmates or hostel mates. Considering the growing demand of essay writing service, your service will also be welcomed as your friends can ask for help whenever they require and you can very well earn a handsome amount as your pocket money, or can be treated for a party. If you are serious about the same, then you can definitely contemplate of taking essay writing as a part time work opportunity to fund your college fees, or hostel rents.
How to write a perfect essay: In the interest of helping you out with how to write a perfect essay for securing the highest possible grade, we will discuss some of the important points that you need take care while writing an essay. As already indicated essay writing can be sometime bit tricky if you tend to take it very lightly. It is always recommended before starting an essay you know what you are expected off and how you can produce it efficiently.
First pay attention to the topic or the question of the assignment. Try to decide who could be the targeted audience for your essay. On the basis of that you should first decide on what type of essay you should be writing. If you are not clear about different types of essays, then devote some time understanding these first.
o Narrative Essay: The main objective of a narrative essay is to tell a story. Generally you are expected to write about your own experience and thus ideally should write in a first person point of view.
o Descriptive Essay: This type of essay is meant to paint a picture in readers’ mind. It generally contains narratives about an incident, an object, or even a memory of special significance. The description should preferably communicate something deeper about the issue.
o Expository Essay: This is one of the basic types of an academic essay. Through this type of essay generally a concept or an idea is exemplified or discussed. This type of essays validates to the extent you have understood a particular concept and can explain it comprehensively.
o Persuasive Essay: This type of essay can be considered as the most important type of an academic essay, not only for graduate students, but also for larger academia. Generally through this type of essay an argument is expressed or rather established.
It is highly important that for producing a quality essay you decide on the structure of the essay and think through how you are going to organize your arguments. 
The main purpose of an essay is to define a thesis statement and then justify it and finally establish it through various citations from other scholarly articles. 
Organize your essay under the three main sections:
o Introduction: should describe the thesis statement
o Body: for justifying the thesis statement in a series of paragraphs
o Conclusion: summing up your arguments and providing a synthesis of ideas.
Always edit and proofread your essay carefully before giving it to your friends.
Summary: If writing essays never troubled you as such, and if you really enjoy the challenge of writing essays, then, you can very well offer essay help to your friends and classmates. First of all, this can obviously help you in earning some good amount of money or becoming highly popular among your friends and peers. Secondly, like any other skill, regular practice of writing essays will sharpen your essay writing skill, and then writing essays for your own assignment will be extremely easy for you.It is not about only assignment, as in academia essays are one of most used avenues for communicating your research, improving your essay writing skill is going to help you in the long run as well.
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Cognitive and Behavioral Approaches in Financial Planning

Different financial theories such as Capital Asset Pricing Theory, Modern Portfolio Theory, Economic Theory,etc. that provides guidelines for investment do not able to predict the exact behavior of an individual in the real scenario. Individuals behave differently than the one predicted one by these theories. These theories missed the practicality of the situations.Individual personality traits and emotional issues are not dealt with these theories. Financial planners analyze the client’s existing and upcoming financial situations and manage the money through the strategic investment decisions so as to fulfill the client’s short term and long term goals. For this, they need to know clearly the expectations of the clients as well as their assets and liabilities. In handling all this process, they have to work very closely with the clients so that they can understand the clients and can act accordingly. These all help the financial planners to do the effective planning to achieve the client’s goals with efficiency. Financial planners are now realizing that there are other factors such as personality traits, cognitive and emotional parameters, apart from financial issues, can have an impact on the financing and investing decisions. By being aware of the psychological factors, financial planners can identify the behaviors of their clients which can influence the process in achieving the client’s long term goals. .  So, it became imperative to include the Psychology based theories in the financial planning process. For this purpose, cognitive and behavioral approaches are included in financial planning.

Let’s have a look how the cognitive theoretical approaches have been incorporated in financial planning.

In any type of financial planning, dealing with the risk factor is an important aspect. Financial planners should have a clear idea of each client’s risk tolerance level. For example, a client is financially struggling to meet its day to day life expenses. In this situation, he can’t handle the additional risk. Financial planner should be aware of this type of situation. Based on this, they can take the investment decisions. Ultimately, financial planners are doing work for clients. So it is essential to know about how much risk the client can tolerate before making any portfolio or investing in any asset class. It is only possible if the financial planners discuss the past experience and risk taking a history of clients. Through this, financial planners can identify the client’s risk tolerance level. They can predict the client’s behaviors in an adverse situation, if any. All these help the financial planners to set the risk component level in their strategic investment decisions and to handle the risk factors as per the client’s psychology.
By realizing and understanding the behavioral issues, the financial planners help their clients to make better judgments. For example, people are more likely to invest in local securities to which they are aware of. And they want to have these securities only in their portfolios. This way, they may not have the optimum portfolio. Here, perception of the investor influence the investment decision. In such a case, the financial planner has to talk with clients explaining about the diversification strategy where higher expected return can be earned at the lowest risk level.

  Financial planners by themselves should not be biased in making investment decisions.  For example, some financial planners have the perception that female investors are a less risk taker. But it is not the fact. As a result, there will be mistakes in financial planning and it won’t be effective.

According to a cognitive theoretical approach, human behavior is highly influenced by their perceptions, attitudes and expectations. Financial planners need the client’s approval to implement their action plan. If clients are not convinced with the financial planners’ strategic investment decisions, nothing will happen, no matter how effective the financial planning is for a client. Sometimes, for the client’s best interest, financial planners have to influence the client’s emotions. For this, they use logic, facts and past experience of similar situations. This way, financial planners can change the client’s perception and emotions so as they react in the desired manner.

Financial planners should control their emotions. They should make the investment decision during a calm time as suggested by financial management assignment help experts.

Here, we have realized how important the cognitive and behavioral approaches in financial planning. For example, identifying and understanding the client’s risk tolerance level is one of the essential factors of the investment decision making process. Without the idea of the client’s risk perception and risk tolerance, financial planners can make no investment decisions. Apart from that, we have realized in the above part that there are many other scenarios where behavioral aspects can have the impact and influence in investment decisions. For this, the cognitive and behavioral theoretical approaches guide the financial planners and without it, no effective financial planning is possible.And in case you are finding all this too overwhelming there are always assignment help experts to help you out.

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What are Investments, Loans, Bonds and US Treasuries?

In the financial world, there are different terminologies to which we as an investor or analyst or finance related person should be familiar. It helps to understand the scenario in a better way, where these terms are used. We will discuss here few financial jargons. Let’s have a look on what the investments, loans, bonds and US Treasuries are.

Investment is basically the amount of money, spent today with the expectation to get a return from it at some future time. In other word, investment is the capital or money presently put in some financial instruments or other class of assets with the expectation of getting the profitable returns over a period. Other class of assets could be property, stock, bond, financial derivatives, etc. The profitable returns could be in terms of income, dividend, coupon payment, income or the capital gain through the appreciation of the value of the instrument invested in. For example, a person buys a stock of $100 with the expectation that the stock price will rise in future and apart from that dividend will be given. If we assume that the person’s expectation comes true, then he gets profitable returns in terms of capital gain (through price appreciation) and dividend. Here the person has made an investment of $100.

 A loan is basically getting money from others with the commitment to pay a predetermined amount of money at the predetermined time. Here, two parties are involved. Those are the borrower and another is the lender. The borrower takes money from lenders. That taken amount is considered as a principal. Now a question is why lenders are interested to provide money to borrowers. The simple answer is to get the returns from them. This return is expressed in terms of interest. Lenders set the interest rate and the time for interest to be paid for extending the loan to borrowers. Borrowers have to pay these interest amounts at the prespecified time. And period is also associated with the loan. At the end of that period, borrowers have to pay the principal amount they have taken earlier. In this way, lenders get their original amount; principal and also the interest amount. This interest amount is the return for them to giving money to borrowers for a period as suggested by, university assignment help.
A bond is a financial instrument in which the bond issuer promises to the bondholder to pay a specified amount during the life of a bond and also pay the face value of the bond at the end of the life of the bond. The bond issuers are the persons who sell the bonds. The bondholders are the persons who buy them. There are 4 components associated with a bond as per taxation assignment help experts.

One is the current price of a bond. Each one bond has its specific price depending on the market situations and the bond characteristics.
Second is the coupon payment. It can be viewed as an interest component as in case of loan. The bond has a series of equal coupon payments. These are provided by the bond issuer to the bondholder at a fixed specified time. It can be provided annually till the life of the bond. Or it can be provided twice in a yeartill the life of the bond. Then it is called semiannual coupon payment.
Face value is the next component. It is the amount, provided at the end of the life of the bond. It is prespecified.
Last one is the maturity period. It is the life of a bond.

For example, Company ABC has issued a bond at the selling price of $980 with a face value of $1,000 and maturity of 5 years. It has the coupon rate of 10%, paid annually. This is a structure of a bond.Thecoupon rate is always provided relative to face value. So, here the coupon amount will be $100 (=$1,000*0.10). Bondholder has to presently pay $980 and he will get $100 each year as coupon payment for 5 years. Apart from that, he will get the face value of $1,000 at the end of the fifth year.Since bond provides the fixed returns those are prespecified, so bonds are also called fixed income securities. The risk associated with bonds is that the bond issuers can be defaulters and can’t pay/repay the amount that is supposed to be. Then bondholders get nothing. The level of risk depends on who has issued the bond. Bonds can be issued by government, municipality, federal agency and corporations.

US Treasuries are the bonds issued by the US government. The risk of default explained earlier is zero in case of Treasuries. Government never fails to pay on Treasuries as the government can print more dollars if it is with insufficient money. This is the reason for why these US Treasuries are considered as a risk free rate. US government issues Treasury Bills (abbreviated as T-Bills), notes and bonds. These Treasury Bills are of the maturity of less than a year. The Notes are of the maturity between one and ten years. Government bonds are of the maturity of more than ten years.

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Delivering and Performing Service

Delivering and Performing Service
Services have various aspects related to them. The ultimate aim of a service is to provide customer value such that it results in customer satisfaction. However, the expectations of customers and the delivery of service are not always in accordance with each other. This is explained in greater detail based on the Gaps Model of Service. Gap 3 of Gaps Model tells us about discrepancies in what is expected by the customer and the service that is actually delivered. Service delivery aims at narrowing this gap by gauging what the customer standards and requirements are and providing them with the same.
It is imperative for us to understand the importance of service employees before understanding service delivery and performance marketing assignments for MBA students,.
1. Service employees are the bearers of customer satisfaction as well as service quality.
2. They help to demonstrate various challenges present in roles that are boundary-spanning.
3. They are primary sources of generating strategies aimed at producing service delivery which is customer-oriented.
4. They help determine how these strategies could support a service culture that provides excellent service.
The Services Triangle:
A framework in services marketing that emphasizes on the importance of people in fulfilling promises of quality and building healthy customer relationships is the Services Triangle. 
It helps us conduct an overall strategic assessment which is fruitful in determining the standards of services offered by organization on all 3 parameters. i.e. internal marketing, external marketing as well as interactive marketing. Thus, it helps the organization to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It is also immensely helpful in specific service implementation which targets promotions and deliveries. It ensures availability of support systems required to deliver a service promised just like marketing assignment help experts.
he Service Profit Chain helps us in understanding the various factors contributing to growth in revenue as well as profitability. The following deductions can be made based on the Service Profit Chain:
1. Internal service quality and employee satisfaction are two of the most important factors that contribute to growth in revenue.
2. Employee satisfaction results in employee retention and enhanced employee productivity, which further help to determine the external service value.
3. A high amount of external service value leads to customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty. This leads to a significant raise in profitability and revenue growth.

There are several dimensions of service quality, the most important being:
1. Reliability: This aims at delivering a service just the way it is promised. It is often under the control of frontline workers. 
2. Responsiveness: The willingness of workers or employees to assist customers in helping them attain a good customer experience is referred to as responsiveness.
3. Empathy: This quality refers to the ability of being able to understand and pay attention to the needs of the customer.
4. Assurance: This ability aims at instilling in the customer the trust and faith needed to hire a service. 
5. Tangibles: Aspects of services that can be seen or felt are included as tangibles. Eg. Uniform of employees, service facility or d├ęcor.
It is the responsibility of service employees to ensure that services of superior quality are delivered to the customer. Frontline service employees are essentially boundary-spanners who are used to interacting directly with the customers they are dealing with. They help establish a link between the external customer and the internal operations in the organization. They communicate information shared by the customer, pertaining to his requirements, to the concerned person in the organization. Boundary spanners are made to interact with both, external as well as internal constituencies of an organization.
Human Resources Department of an organization makes an attempt to attain superior service delivery through its employees by:
1. Hiring the right talent: 
Hiring in accordance with service competencies by being a preferred employer
2. Training people:
Promoting team spirit, empowering employees and training them with required skills
3. Support System:
Developing internal processes and providing all the support needed for measuring internal service quality
4. Retention of good employees:
Rewarding employees for good performance, including their opinion for decision making and treating them well
The article explores numerous facets of service delivery and performance, highlighting the importance of service employees in attaining the same. It also tells about the service triangle and its association with service delivery. The Service Profit Chain tells us how the revenue of an organization is dependent directly or indirectly on the employee satisfaction levels as well as internal service quality. The article defines service employees as boundary spanners and gives cues on how to deliver services of superior quality and enhance performance of employees by hiring the right talent, training them well and ultimately retaining the worthy.