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Essay Writing Competition

Essay writing is not just a method of academic assessment, but also an art. This is an art of reporting and describing about a topic. It not only requires storytelling skills, but also the presentation of the story. With our Essay Writing Competition, we want to discover essay writing talent from the student community.

Participate in our Essay Writing Competition to win cash prizes (top 3 winners) and 13 top winners will get an opportunity to be our authors in our blog section.

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Essay topics
1. My horror story regarding Plagiarism.
2. My experience of first day at university.
3. My idea for academic evaluation of students at university.
4. The future of university education in 22nd century.
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You will be allotted points under three sections as explained below. Finally, points from all the three segments will be added to judge the winners. The three segments are explained below.

1. Essay Content (200 points)

Maintain word limit: Your essay should be in between 800- 1000 words.
The essay is to be written in perfect English language.
Your essay should be 100% plagiarism free. It will be checked on plagiarism check software before being considered.
Use active voice, multiple paragraphs to make it readable, add pictures to make it engaging and interesting.
Your story telling capability will be judged.

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Time to submit your essay : 10 Oct to 10th Dec 2016
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bloom’s Taxonomy Applied On Designing An Application


An application is a set of programs brought in together to accomplish a set of tasks. The requirements of the user are assembled to give it a shape. Many classes and sub-class with varying functionalities make up the main module. Lists of the requirements are to be catalogued to address the issue. A detailed listing of each module with its functionality is to be done and documented. The pieces listed are to be mapped to make it functional and provide the entailed. The sub-classes are linked to the class and the set of classes are connected to the main module. Different users can be restricted to access different modules of the main module. A pictorial representation can be adopted to depict the flow of a procedure. The modules can be represented by an image and other add-ins. The designer has to consider the development cost, time taken to accomplish the task and enhancing the work by adding some useful add-ins.


The designer has to understand the needs of the scenario he has taken up. The outline of the main module with its classes is summarized. The flow of the program is briefed with its links to different functional modules. A flow chart can be used to depict the flow of the program. The detailing of the classes with its sub-classes are explained. Input and output parameters for each module have to be described. The flow of the parameters between the modules has to be explained. The designer can enhance his work by adopting methods to consume time in user navigation. Different methodologies that can address the functionalities of the components have to be catalogued. The different methodologies have to be compared to opt one among them. The estimated cost has to be considered to choose the methodology. Time duration to bring the module into working state has to be estimated. 


Use a scrapbook to chart down the essentials to be addressed in the work. The classes and sub-classes are to be illustrated in detail. The designer is considering the development cost, estimated time and additional add-ins to enhance the work. Any previous experience of similar work will aid in the present work. Examine the different stages involved in development. Considering the various stages, the estimated time to design each sub-class is calculated. The individual estimated time of all the sub-classes are summed to obtain the total estimated time to complete the work. The total cost required in development can be estimated examining the various stages of development. Different enhancing methodologies can be explored. Examining the total estimated cost and time required in developing a good suitable enhancing technique is to be adopted. The designer has to consider adapting the tips aiding in better user navigation. The additional cost used to develop the tips is estimated.


The designer has to consider the three considerations made – total time estimation, total cost estimated and enhancing the work by including some add-ins. Previous work of the designer has to be analyzed to bring out the similarities. The outcome is compared with the expected outcome of the present work. The inclusions of time required in the planning of the design, its examination to fit the requirement, meetings, reviews, presenting the work before the respective officials have to be identified and examined for its feasibility. The time required to complete the entire procedure has to be analyzed, including the delay estimation. The cost required to bring in all the players to a common platform to finish their work, equipments and other miscellaneous have to be examined and categorized. Additional cost and time has to be estimated in case of any delays. The cost and time required to design additional add-ins have to be compared to the present technology and examined for its feasibility.


The design can be made a comparison to the previous work. Both the outcomes are compared and rated. The verification of the requirements of the outcome has to be done. Additional recommendations to enhance the design have to be provided. The recommendations have to be prioritized. The approach aids by providing a better outcome in future work. The doings of the procedure are to be debated for its effectiveness. The feedback of the shareholders can be gathered and an argument can be lined to provide suggestions to improve the work. The design has to be assessed with the present technology samples. A discussion with an expertise and other stakeholders can be teamed.  The group players shall prioritize the recommendations to match the current technology. The group will discuss over the cost and time occurred to complete the design. The documented recommendations of the group aid in future work.


Considering the prioritized recommendations of the group members, the new design is proposed. The future work is designed considering to reduce the cost and expected time. The expert’s suggestions are involved to bring in good design. Other recommendations to encompass the current technology are considered to bring in better designs. The improved design can be planned to be executed on multiple platforms. The terminals using different operating systems should be able to run the application. The cross-platform can be used by additional plug-ins to bring the application into play. The add-ins can be invented into the design that aids in keeping the users with the application for a long time. Using better user navigation tools can be adopted to enhance the work.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Depreciation: Straight line Method Vs Double Declining methods

When a company buys a long lived asset, such as equipment, machine, etc., it is not considered as an expense in the financial statements of the company. In fact, it is treated as an asset in the balance sheet. The value of the asset is then considered decreasing with time and the part of value decreased year by year is mentioned in financial statement as the depreciation expense. The efficiency and the working capability of the long lived assets decrease due to their wear and tear with time. The rate of decrease in the asset value depends on the depreciation method, the given company has adopted. At the end of the useful life of the long lived assets, if any value remains underappreciated, that value is called the salvage value of the asset. This article can provide help with finance assignment as well as provide help with accounting assignment.
There are different methods of depreciating the long lived assets. Among them, the two most used methods are straight line method and double declining method. In each method, there is a specific way to capture the depreciation expense in the financial statements. These methods are based on the certain assumptions. Let’s discuss these methods using examples.
In case of straight line method, the value of the asset is assumed to be reduced uniformly throughout the life of the asset. So, the annual depreciation expense, in this case, is the total value of asset divided by the number of years of the useful life. For example, a company purchases a machine at the cost of $500,000 with five years of useful life. Here, machine is stated in the company’s balance sheet as an asset with the value of $500,000. Suppose the company uses the straight line method for depreciation. Then, the annual equal depreciation expense for each of five years will be $100,000 (=$500,000/5). At the end of five years, there will be no salvage value.
In case of double declining method, the depreciating rate is double than the straight line method. If the useful life is four years, the depreciating rate for the straight line method is 1 /4 while it is 1 /2 (=2*(1/4) for double declining method. Let’s have an example. For example, a company purchases a machine at the cost of $500,000 with five years of useful life. Here, machine is stated in the company’s balance sheet as an asset with the value of $500,000. Suppose the company uses the double declining line method for depreciation. Then, the annual depreciation expense for the first year will be $200,000 (= $500,000*(2/5)). For next year, the book value will be $300,000 after deducting the first year depreciation expense from the initial book value. Annual basis depreciation is shown below:
Year  Beginning book value Depreciation expense Ending book value
1 $500,000 $                  200,000 $300,000 
2 $300,000 $                  120,000 $180,000 
3 $180,000 $                    72,000 $108,000 
4 $108,000 $                    43,200 $64,800 
5 $64,800 $                    25,920 $38,880 

At the end of five years, there will be $38,880 as salvage value.

From these examples, it is clear that the annual depreciation expense is different over the life of the asset in these methods. Both methods cause the same total depreciation expenses over the life of the asset. The difference is in the timing of the recognition of the depreciation expense. These two methods influence and give impacts on the financial statements in a different way.   Let’s have a look. It will help the finance essay writer to include more information about depreciation.

In double declining method, more value of the long lived assets are depreciated in the early periods of the useful life as compared to straight line method. So, in double declining method, taxable income is less in early periods of the life of assets related to straight line method. So, the company using double declining method has lower taxable income, lower net income and lower net profit margin in the early years of the life of assets related to that of the company using the straight line method.

Due to the less taxable income in the early periods of the life of assets related to straight line method, less tax is deducted in the company in early periods using the double declining method than that of the company using straight line method.

So, the value of depreciation expense influences the financial condition and financial performance of a company by altering the financial statements. Obviously it depends on the method of depreciation a company choose to apply. Apart from that, the estimations and assumptions made under these methods have influenced the financial statements to a great extent. In depreciation calculation, two factors have to be estimated. One is the useful life of the asset. Other is the salvage value. By changing these two factors, there will be significant change in the taxable income and net income. In turn, these alter different financial ratios, which measure the financial health of a company. This article will be useful in providing the finance assignment help.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How Much Money Do You Need to Be Financially Independent?

One of the very important question, that is relevant to all classes of persons of a society is ‘how much money do you need to be financially independent?’ If we do have the answer of this question, then we will have an easy life, without any financial distress. Let’s have a discussion on this issue. But before that, we should have a very clear concept of what the financially independent means. Here, how we define the financial independence is of a great concern. This article can provide help with finance assignment.
 We are financially independent means we do not rely on others’ wealth or others’ goodwill to satisfy our needs and wishes, which require money. For example, if I want to have my own house, then I should have my own sufficient money to buy a house, without asking money for this to others. This scenario justifies that I am financially independent. Let’s have another example. Suppose, Mr X has the living expense of $30,000 per year and he is earning $75,000 per year, then we can say Mr X is financially independent as he does not have to be dependent on others for his expenses. Financially dependent means you are dependent on others for money. For instance, when we are school going students, we financially depend on our parents or guardians for all kinds of expenses, whether it is school fee or whether it is for fulfilling our day to day basic expenses or whether it is for satisfying our wishes. We need to ask money for these expenses with our parents or guardians.
Financial independence is not related with the amount of wealth a person has. In other word, it is not like that all rich persons are financially independent and it is also not like that all poor persons are financially dependent. Financial independence is the function of the people’s expenses, monetary requirements and the available their own money. If the person has sufficient money to fulfill his expenses and monetary requirements he can be considered as the financially independent person, no matter whether he is rich or not. For example, suppose a person earns $30,000 per year, while his annual monetary requirement is not more than $19,000. In this case, this person is considered as financially independent. Let’s take another example. Assume a person earns $100,000 per year, but his annual monetary requirement is $101,000. In this case, he can be considered as financially dependent as he has to rely on other persons for additional $1,000 per annum, which is not covered by his earnings. So, financially independence is basically reflected through the balance between one’s monetary requirement and his/her own money/wealth. In case anyone would like to know more about this This article can be useful for essay writer.
Now, we understood what the financially independent means. The next question that comes in our mind is how much money is required to make us financially independent. If we know the answer of this question, then we never face any type of financial distress in any phase of our life, while fulfilling our monetary requirements. But, unfortunately, we can’t say a specific and single answer to it. The answer can’t be generalized. Each person has his/her own situations and conditions. Each one has his/her own lifestyle dictating his/her living costs, has own specific desires, etc. Apart from them, the age of the person or phase of his life also dictates the monetary requirements of present and future. So, these all, in together define one’s monetary requirements. Based on that, the exact amount can be calculated, which make a person financially independent. If one wonders how to do that now this article content can provide the financial management assignment help too.  As explained earlier, in order to be financially independent, one should have full and complete information about the following two things in advance.

  • All monetary requirements, including day to day expenses for present and for future till our life.
  • All capital requirements; college fee, purchase of a house, purchase of a car, etc., to be required presently or/and future till our life.

If we do have these two information, then we can easily determine the exact amount, which is required to make us financially independent. But getting this information in advance is not an easy thing. In fact, it is not possible. Our future is quite uncertain. We can’t predict our future monetary requirements in exact figure. Some urgency or emergency could suddenly come up and we need to spend the unexpected amount. This, in turn, could make us financially dependent by increasing the expenses in relation to the savings. Though, we can try to be financially independent to some extent through proper financial planning. We can plan and invest our savings in such a way that it, along with our regular income if we do have, will take care of all our expenses; present and future.

Hence, the answer of the above mentioned question is not easy. For this, a lot of analysis has to be done on the individual basis. Estimation of the future expenses has to be done. Some assumptions have to be made. After doing all these, we can come up with a figure that can make a person financially independent. But even after putting so much effort, no one can give guarantee about the financial independence of a person. This is due to the uncertainty of the future, as explained earlier. The information provided here can be used to provide the finance assignment help.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Another Cheating Controversy- This Time its University of Sydney

Medical education is always very competitive and only top quality students are able to reach to that level. However, may be due to the excessive pressure or due to some loss in personal integrity, recently, students from some of Sydney’s top medical schools are found involving in morally wrong practices. Much before the earlier issue could be settled, another cheating controversy is revealed involving mostly psychiatrists, doctors, and registrars. They are charged of cheating during their medical examination by collusion and sharing illegitimate photos of the question paper. If you are from these medical schools, and want to get away from all this, take assignment help Sydney. As per the report presented, it is found that some of the students from those medical schools are cheating in their examination since 2009. Mainly images of question papers from earlier years are shared with pediatrics, psychiatry, and community department’s students from the current batch. Unfortunately, it is the second time when similar allegations of academic misconduct are raised against the faculty of the same prestigious medical school within one year. The earlier issue involved students who supposedly interviewed dead patients, manufactured patients, and falsified records, in their integrated population medicine program. Sometimes though students start to have problems with with their study load, they start to procrastinate. Help with assignments in Sydney is designed to prepare medical students for their examination.
Generally, the main cause of this problem is that the University of Sydney seems to reuse questions from its earlier examinations as question papers from each year is made from a single repository. However, the university takes extra caution and don’t allow students to take away question paper after the completion of their examination. Unfortunately, the information that university reuses its earlier question paper is well known among students and they try to take some undue advantage of that. The university also admitted the fact openly that they reuse their question paper, and clarified, that the university reuses only a portion of the question year after year, and the question paper of any two years are always significantly different.
According to the spokesperson, although it is a prevalent practice in the university, there is no sign that this is really benefitting the students in the long run. He also revealed that every year a panel review earlier year question papers to see for which questions more than average number of students are managing to get the right answers. On the basis of this principle, on an average 1.5% of the question are removed from each year, and the rest is kept for reusing in subsequent years. You may take marketing assignment help to be ethically correct in completing assignments.
 To control this possible malpractice, the university has now made a mandate that each student needs to sign an agreement before their examination, but surprisingly, students don’t stop even after that. A recent paper in the British Medical Journal has investigated what could be the possible cultural factors inducing such ethically wrong practices among medical students. In this regard, the sharing of images is taken too seriously, as many university officials knew that the earlier students used “exam recall” strategy to remember the questions from examination and later sharing it among juniors, and they didn’t give much importance to that. Faculties of these medical schools feel that this kind of lack of security to maintain the validity of the examination is highly important as otherwise in future doubts can be raised towards the qualification of our graduates, and that would be most unfortunate. If you are also dishearten by all this, then take assistance with assignment in Sydney.

Are You One of Those Who Don’t Like Foreign Languages: Here's Why

If you have a positive response to the questions given in the title, then you must realize that you are not the one who don’t like learning any foreign languages at school or university level in Australia. There is a growing trend over the last a few decades or so, when the foreign language learning demand has significantly reduced in almost throughout Australia. Surprisingly, this trend continues even when Australia as a country is in the second decade of it so-called Asian Century. The decline in the number of students learning foreign languages is quite rapid, as in 1960 around 40% of students was learning one foreign language, but currently it has come down to around 10% of students. Even, this 10% includes students whose mother tongue is other than English. The case of Australia is quite different than other OECD countries, as in those other countries, most of the students complete school with at least one foreign language. If you want to learn some foreign language and need assistance then you can avail assignment help Sydney or help with assignments in Sydney. Interest to learn foreign language has also reduced in leading universities of Australia, as in the University of NSW 1524 students took Chinese at HSC level in the year 2005, in 2015, the number of students of Chinese dropped to 832, whereas the total number of students at HSC is 12000 more in 2015 than 2005. More interestingly, even from that 832 students a mere 153 is pursuing Chinese as a second language. The state of Japanese is slightly better than Chinese, but the number of students getting enrolled in Indonesian is really insignificant. In this situation, the most preferred second language in NSW schools is still French. If you need special assistance for learning a foreign language you can take marketing assignment help.
Most of the experts and scholars working in the field of teaching various foreign language feel that the main reason behind this decline is the “monolingual mentality” prevalent in the country. According to this mindset, individuals get a strange conviction that English as a language is enough, as it has got Australian this far, it will also do the same in the future. However, the world is not same and of late, it is changing rapidly. Especially, with the rise of new Asian countries in the world economy, an individual must know more than one language to be able to cope up with some inadvertent situation. Students tend to build up some sort of procastination towards learning or knowing foreign languages and subjects. To be able to come out of this mindset you are recommended to take assistance with assignments in Sydney.
Another more practical reason why students are losing interest of studying a foreign language is the lack of qualified language teachers resulting in lack of attention to students, especially during the early years. Even the mandatory 100 hours in year 7 or 8 is also not properly undertaken. In this context, Asia Education Foundation Research found that students tend to continue with some foreign language when they have a more choice. And in recent years, the various Government intervention has made a significant difference. As previously in 10+2 level, students need to choose 5-6 subjects and two of them had to be languages, but with recent focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students are only encouraged to take 4 subjects at this level. Naturally, students are taking subjects which will possibly help them get into some professional courses, without realizing the paramount importance learning a language holds in one’s life.

So as a concluding remark, it can be highlighted that to improve the conditions of foreign languages in the country, multiple changes at different levels are required, and most importantly, citizens need to change their monolingual mindset.

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Learn to write effective Personal Essays

Personal Essays are all about presenting your character, your way of thinking, your outlook and your personality, served to the reader in a beautiful, reflective and narrative form. Personal essays, mostly tell a story, describe an experience or merely portray the essay writer’s character. The most common occasion where personal essays are required are at the time of filling in a college application. The most colleges’ application procedure involves writing a personal statement or a personal essay based on which the authorities decide whether to take that student in or not. Thus, for all those who are soon to apply to different colleges, here are some great tips on how to write personal essays and how to crack the code!

While the basic structure of a personal essay stays similar to the five paragraph structure of any other form of essays, there are a few things that the custom essay writer must keep in mind while writing a personal essay including what the reader might be looking for in your essay? Surely, there will be a lot of things that the reader wishes to analyse about you by way of your essay like:
- What are the expectations of the course?
- What is your major area of interest?
- What are your long and short term goals?
- How mature are you in your approach?
- What makes you unique and worth taking in?
While in some cases topics will be provided, there might be places where you will need to choose your own topic. Now that will be a difficult choice to make. Before you choose a topic, remember- 
- Talk about yourself. Talk about your accomplishments and how you would add value to their organization. Talk about what you wish to achieve with the opted course and how it will change your life.
- Be crisp and to the point in your writing. Talk about specific experiences or incidents. Tell a story or simply describe an activity that you took part in. Take this as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the reader and make sure you keep him engaged.
- Highlight your uniqueness. Talking about a problem you were able to solve or a personality trait that you developed would be very appropriate till the time you do not get boastful. 
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Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Review Your Essay's Parts Of Speech Mistakes

Mastering the art of essay writing is a complex procedure with various elements that need to be perfected. Often, the most common mistakes made are the small little ones like spellings, punctuation and grammar that often lead to the failure of your essay. No matter how great an idea you come up with, if you fail to put them down in words correctly and clearly, your essay won’t taste success. Thus, here we will talk about correcting and omitting parts of speech mistakes that are very commonly made even by professional essay writing service providers.

The four most challenging parts of speech are pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. Following is how to use them correctly and how to correct your mistakes to compile a great essay.
Pronouns are words used to refer to or to take place of a noun. Words like they, he, I, me, them, his, her, etc. are all pronouns. Now in order to use pronouns correctly, there should be agreement between the noun and the pronoun on three lines:
- Agreement in Number – For a singular noun, a singular pronoun must be used
Incorrect: Four girls jumped into the lake, she drowned.
Correct: Four girls jumped into the lake, they drowned.
- Agreement in Person – It would be wrong to switch your sentence to different person pronouns like from first person to second to third. The pronouns used for first person are I, we, us, me, etc. For second person we use You and in the third person he, she, him, they, her, etc. are used.
Incorrect: When the manager reaches the office, they should have his presentation ready.
Correct: When the manager reaches the office, he should have his presentation ready.
- In Obvious Referral To The Noun – It should be very clear to the reader as to which noun is the pronoun referring to.
Incorrect: Nancy and Fancy both went to the fair, but she did not return. (Who did not return, Nancy or fancy?)
Correct: Nancy and Fancy both went to the fair, but Nancy did not return.
Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns and pronouns. They add description and information about a thing, place or person in a sentence. It is only the choice of adjectives that makes an essay writer’s work unique. The ability to describe a particular thing aptly so that the reader can visualize what you wish to portray is an art, accomplished by professional  custom essay writers through correct use of adjectives. While too many may make your sentence look wordy and flowery, too few may make your essay boring and hard to relate to.
Words that describe verbs, adverbs are mostly easily spotted since most of them end with –ly, such as quickly, slowly, nicely, etc. However, most mistakes are made when adverbs that do not end with –ly are used. For example, Well is often misused in place of its counterpart Good which is only used to describe nouns whereas the former is used for verbs.
These are the connector words that are used to show the relationship between space or time. They connect nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence and are used to position or connection of a noun with respect to other words of the sentence. The common problems associated with prepositions are two. One – unnecessary usage and two – prepositional phrases. While sometimes, using a preposition where not required may look like beating about the bush, often essay writers get confused with prepositional phrases which are words that are always followed by a particular preposition in order for it to make sense like Account For, Speak With, Different Than, etc.
Incorrect: I picked up this dress from the new store
Correct: I picked this dress from the new store.
These mistakes are common but easy to correct. With just a little care, one can master the art of essay writing and taste success in whichever field they wish to go.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Profit Maximization with Limited Capacity: Ordering a Best Seller

Opportunity costs are important to be taken into consideration while evaluating business decisions for a firm. Need help with economics homework? Let us take an example of the manager working in a bookstore who is in a fix with the number of copies of a new bestseller that he must order. He believes to forecast sales accurately based on previous experience. His estimated equation is P = 24 – Q where
P= price in dollars
Q= quantity of books sold per month in hundreds
The bookstore is known to buy from the publisher at a price of $12 per issue. The following questions must be considered:
1. In case there is plenty of shelf space, how many copies of the book must the store order and how much price should they charge?
2. In case of limited shelf space and an assumption that profit made per copy on the shelf amounts $4, how much should the order quantity and price of bestseller be?
3. Consider that after having received the order for question 2 stated above, the manager finds out that the predicted sales of the bestseller were much higher than actual sales. Actual demand turns out to be P = 18 – 2Q. Now, the manager intends to return a few copies and receive a refund of $6 per book returned. How many copies must he return and consequently how many must be sold? What must the price be? Find economics homework answers below.
Microeconomics assignments state that marginal costs can be used to calculate optimal order quantity. As per question 1, the marginal costs incurred are $12 per book. As per economics assignment help experts, maximization of profit is done by equating MC and MR.
MR = 24 – Q
Therefore, 12= 24 – 2Q, Q = hundred books
P= 24 – 2Q, P = $18 per book
 Question 2 will consider an opportunity cost of $4 along with price of $12. Hence, marginal costs sum up to $16. When MR = MC, the values of Q and P are calculated to be 400 and $20 respectively. 
Because of the absence of unlimited shelf space, the manager would order a lesser number of books than in Question 1, as per assignment help professionals. The probability of having ordered 400 v/s 600 books can be compared using economics coursework. The forgone profit amount is equal to $4 per book. Hence, this proves that ordering 400 books is the more profitable option considering the sunk profit amount on the sales of other bestsellers. According to macroeconomics assignment help experts and the logic of marginal analysis, ordering 400 books is the most profitable and therefore 400 becomes the optimal order quantity. 
Now coming to Question 3, if demand falls to P = 18 – 2Q, economics assignment help experts state that $12 which is the purchase price becomes a sunk cost. Opportunity costs will still hold value. According to university assignment help experts, total sum of opportunity cost = 6 (refund value) + 4 (shelf-space profit) = $10. 
18 – 4Q = 10, Q = 2, 
P= 18 – (2)(2), P = 14
Hence, optimal order quantity is 200 books and price must be $14. Assignment experts state that the remaining books (200 in number) must be returned to claim a refund of $1200. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Corporate Finance vs. Entrepreneurial or Personal Finance

Corporate Finance vs. Entrepreneurial or Personal Finance
In this paper, a comparison of corporate finance with the entrepreneurial or personal finance has been made with a view to provide corporate finance assignment help. The corporate finance implies the management of financial resources of the large corporations by the financial manager. The entrepreneurial or personal finance implies the management of financial resources in a small organization. Essay writers on the finance assignment help has stated that the functions and concepts of financial management remain the same in the both the cases. The difference is only of the scale of operations, the corporations operate at large scale in comparison to proprietary enterprises. This difference in the scale of operations affects the assumptions of perfect market.      

Corporate Finance vs. Entrepreneurial or Personal Finance
The assumption of the perfect market states that the rate of borrowing for all the borrowers should be equal. This assumption of the perfect market holds true only in respect of the large corporations. Thus, the large corporations can reasonably assume that the borrowing rates charged by the bank for funds borrowed will be equal for all the borrowers falling within the same category. Further, the credit risk attached with the borrowings of the large corporations also tends to be lower. Due to lower credit risk, the lending and deposit rates of the quoted by the bank also tend to be same for the large corporations as asserted by the experts providing help with accounting homework.
However, the situation is different in regards to the small enterprises. Finance homework solution providers state that the small enterprises bear higher credit risk in comparison to the large corporations. The higher credit risk causes imperfections in the market. Due to the higher credit risk in case of small borrowers, the bank lending rates tend to be higher than the bank deposit rates. This implies that the bank provides loan at the higher interest rates and takes deposits from such small enterprise at lower rates. Further, the lending rates of the banks also differ from case to case basis depending upon the risk profile and financial standing of the enterprises.
Therefore, it is essential to note that the credit risk is an important factor in determining the interest rates to be charged by the bank on the credits extended. The large corporations are generally incorporated as the separate legal entities, thus, the risk of solvency remains lower. On the other hand, the proprietary enterprises run business in the individual capacity, which exposes it to the higher risk of solvency. Due to the higher risk of solvency, the default risk is also measured high, and therefore, the bank charges higher interest rates on the loans sanctioned to the small business.  

Based on the above discussion, it can be inferred that the assumption of a perfect market is reasonable for the large corporations, while it may be unreasonable for smaller enterprises. In other words, it can also be said that the difference in the interest rates due to the information mismatch does not arise in the case of large corporations. However, in the case of small enterprises, the difference in interest rates due to information mismatch could arise.  
The discussion in this paper revolves around the issue of market imperfections in case of corporate and entrepreneurial finance. The major difference between the corporate finance and entrepreneurial finance as identified in this paper is the scale of operations. The corporations operate at a larger scale than the proprietary enterprises as suggested by the experts providing financial management assignment help. Due to the lower default risk, the market imperfections do not apply in case of large corporations and thus, the interest rate is not affected by the information disagreement. The essay writing services UK are available on this issue for further clarifications.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Different forecasting methods

Assignment help experts state that forecasting refers to finding an estimate for demand/ sales in future. There exist two major types of forecasting: Quantitative and Qualitative forecasting.
Quantitative forecasting methods are applied when:
1. There is availability of past numerical data
2. It is advisable to assume that the past trends shall continue in the future.

There are several methods that can be used for forecasting. Most commonly used methods use either cross-sectional data or time-series data.
Let’s take a look at what these methods are:

Cross-sectional Forecasting:

With the help of this kind of data, assignment experts aim at predicting a value that has not been observed, using information available from observed cases. Examples for those seeking help in economics assignment:
1. The price of houses sold in a given year in a specific area. We can predict the price of a house about which we do not have data by using its characteristics common to other houses like number of bedrooms etc.
2. The data regarding fuel economy of cars belonging to 2011 model. The carbon footprint value that we are unaware of, regarding a specific vehicle can be calculated using information about fuel efficiency and engine size. 

Macroeconomics assignment help experts state that cross sectional models are put to use when there exists a relationship between dependent and independent variable. The dependent variable is the value to be forecasted and independent variable(s) is the predictor. A cross-sectional model identifies the relationship and forecasts values of the desired variable using the same. Change in predictor value leads to change in forecasted value. 

Time-series Forecasting:
Time series data is the one that changes over changing periods of time. Some examples given in economics assignments are profits, stock prices, quarterly sales for companies, rainfall statistics per month etc.
Any value observed in a sequence over a time period forms a part of time series data. Time series could be regular i.e. daily, weekly, annually and so on or irregular i.e. spread across time unevenly. 
Through time series forecasting, university assignment experts aim at determining the continuation of a sequence of events in the present to the future. The figure given below shows the Australian beer production, on a quarterly basis, from the year1992 up to the third quarter of 2008.
The blue lines are indicative of the forecasted production over next two years. The forecasts have understood the past patterns and replicated the same in order to give a similar trend over the next two years. The region that appears dark and shaded depicts 80% prediction intervals. This means that the probability of future values lying in the dark region is 0.8 or 80%. Similarly, the area shaded light depicts 95% prediction intervals. These intervals help in determining uncertainty in forecast.  As per a principle of economics coursework, the more narrow the interval, the better the accuracy.
Time series data utilizes the information available about the variable that needs to be forecasted and is not concerned with factors affecting and impacting its behavior.
The article aims at throwing light on different types of forecasting methods for those seeking economics assignment help. There exist two major types of quantitative forecasting method which are cross-sectional forecasting and time-series forecasting. Cross sectional data is collected at one point of time while time series data is collected over a period of time. The two methods study past trends to make predictions about future figures.

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How Can You Do Skin Preparation for Preventing Infection?

Patient’s skin proves to be the easiest means for the microbial infestation during the course of surgical intervention. Infections at the surgical site contaminate around 5% of the surgeries annually across the United States that add to the economic burden of the population. Therefore, systematic and evidence-based skin preparation on the surgical site highly necessary in reducing the predisposition of the surgical candidates in terms of developing debilitating infections following the surgical intervention. Various agents and techniques for skin preparation advocated by the clinical literature; however, the utilization of aqueous and alcohol based solutions recommended by renowned surgeons in the context of providing longer-term protection to the candidates enrolled for surgical interventions. The following facts explain the significance of aqueous/alcohol based solutions in reducing the chances of skin infection following the surgical interventions.
• Aqueous based solutions contain povidone iodine in solubilised form that effectively ceases microbial DNA and proteins on the skin surface and does not exhibit any adverse reaction after its utilization in skin preparation. 
• Alcohol based solution contains isopropyl and ethyl alcohol that extend antimicrobial action on the skin surface requiring surgical intervention. 
• Isopropyl alcohol exhibits adhesive property that assists in the fixation of surgical drapes on the skin surface for effectively ceasing the microbial invasion across the surgical field. 
• Alcohol based solutions effectively utilized in irrigation during complex surgical interventions and exhibit antimicrobial activity for controlling bacterial infection.  
The following evidence-based conventions require implementation while preparing and draping the patient for any type of simple or complex surgical intervention.
• Surgical candidates require undertaking antiseptic bath prior to preparing them for the surgical approaches. 
• The traces of soap or shampoo require removal from the patient’s skin prior to applying chlorhexidine gluconate for preparing the skin. 
• The surgical team must practice caution while utilizing chlorhexidine gluconate as it exhibits the potential of causing corneal irritation on the surgical subjects.   
• The surgical team requires instructing the patients for avoiding body lotion prior to arriving at the operation theatre as body lotion exhibits the potential of deactivating biostatic capacity of the anti-infective agents used during the surgical site preparation. 
• The shave prep procedure requires execution prior to surgery stringently in accordance with the instructions provided by the concerned surgeon and minimum time lag between shave removal and microbial growth should exist for reducing the scope of infection progression. 
• The shave prep intervention needs execution across the preoperative setting while maintaining the privacy and dignity of the concerned patient. 

• Conventions of surgical practice warrant the utilization of depilatory cream or electrical clipper for hair removal from the surgical site prior to the execution of surgical intervention. 
• Non-disposable hair removal devices require disinfection with the utilization of guidelines stipulated by evidence-based surgical literature.    
• The shave preparation requires application of water for reducing the scope of the skin laceration and irritation.
• The members of the surgical team require washing their hands prior to undertaking skin preparation for surgical intervention. 
• The surgical team requires removing oil and debris from the skin prior to the surgical preparation. 
• Fat solvent ointment requires application on the surgical site for its effective cleaning by the surgical team. 
• The surgical team requires wearing sterile gloves while preparing the skin for surgical intervention. The structures adjacent to the surgical site require the application of anti-infective solution for preventing the transfer of infection to the associated structures. 
• The skin preparation at the surgical site requires execution in a circular manner while initially covering the clean portion of skin and subsequently acquiring the dirty portion. 
• The surgical team should not utilize alcohol-based agents while preparing the mucous membranes for surgical intervention. 
• The surgical team should apply gentle pressure on the site of surgical intervention while preparing the skin and spreading the anti-infective solution.
• Triclosan requires utilization while undertaking facial preparation in the context of its non-toxic attribute. 
• Anti-infective agents with flammable properties require practicing caution while applying on the site of surgical intervention and their warming strictly prohibited in relation to the safety of the surgical subjects.  

The surgical team requires practicing evidence-based infection control strategies and best practice guidelines for effectively utilizing skin preparation techniques prior to undertaking surgical intervention in the context of reducing the scope of infection progression. This practice is also followed by nursing assignment help experts.. The periodic evaluation of skin preparation agents necessarily required across the healthcare settings for their systematic utilization during the surgical intervention. Education programs and training sessions require periodic organization in the context of elevating the awareness of medical professionals in effectively utilizing infection control strategies and aseptic interventions for preparing the skin of surgical candidates. Furthermore, an adverse event following the skin preparation on the surgical site requires timely reporting to the concerned surgeons in the context of their earliest treatment across the pre-operative setting.   How Can You Do Skin Preparation for Preventing Infection? is also a favorite essay writing topic for many universities. 

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