Monday, July 4, 2016

Another Cheating Controversy- This Time its University of Sydney

Medical education is always very competitive and only top quality students are able to reach to that level. However, may be due to the excessive pressure or due to some loss in personal integrity, recently, students from some of Sydney’s top medical schools are found involving in morally wrong practices. Much before the earlier issue could be settled, another cheating controversy is revealed involving mostly psychiatrists, doctors, and registrars. They are charged of cheating during their medical examination by collusion and sharing illegitimate photos of the question paper. If you are from these medical schools, and want to get away from all this, take assignment help Sydney. As per the report presented, it is found that some of the students from those medical schools are cheating in their examination since 2009. Mainly images of question papers from earlier years are shared with pediatrics, psychiatry, and community department’s students from the current batch. Unfortunately, it is the second time when similar allegations of academic misconduct are raised against the faculty of the same prestigious medical school within one year. The earlier issue involved students who supposedly interviewed dead patients, manufactured patients, and falsified records, in their integrated population medicine program. Sometimes though students start to have problems with with their study load, they start to procrastinate. Help with assignments in Sydney is designed to prepare medical students for their examination.
Generally, the main cause of this problem is that the University of Sydney seems to reuse questions from its earlier examinations as question papers from each year is made from a single repository. However, the university takes extra caution and don’t allow students to take away question paper after the completion of their examination. Unfortunately, the information that university reuses its earlier question paper is well known among students and they try to take some undue advantage of that. The university also admitted the fact openly that they reuse their question paper, and clarified, that the university reuses only a portion of the question year after year, and the question paper of any two years are always significantly different.
According to the spokesperson, although it is a prevalent practice in the university, there is no sign that this is really benefitting the students in the long run. He also revealed that every year a panel review earlier year question papers to see for which questions more than average number of students are managing to get the right answers. On the basis of this principle, on an average 1.5% of the question are removed from each year, and the rest is kept for reusing in subsequent years. You may take marketing assignment help to be ethically correct in completing assignments.
 To control this possible malpractice, the university has now made a mandate that each student needs to sign an agreement before their examination, but surprisingly, students don’t stop even after that. A recent paper in the British Medical Journal has investigated what could be the possible cultural factors inducing such ethically wrong practices among medical students. In this regard, the sharing of images is taken too seriously, as many university officials knew that the earlier students used “exam recall” strategy to remember the questions from examination and later sharing it among juniors, and they didn’t give much importance to that. Faculties of these medical schools feel that this kind of lack of security to maintain the validity of the examination is highly important as otherwise in future doubts can be raised towards the qualification of our graduates, and that would be most unfortunate. If you are also dishearten by all this, then take assistance with assignment in Sydney.