Monday, July 4, 2016

Are You One of Those Who Don’t Like Foreign Languages: Here's Why

If you have a positive response to the questions given in the title, then you must realize that you are not the one who don’t like learning any foreign languages at school or university level in Australia. There is a growing trend over the last a few decades or so, when the foreign language learning demand has significantly reduced in almost throughout Australia. Surprisingly, this trend continues even when Australia as a country is in the second decade of it so-called Asian Century. The decline in the number of students learning foreign languages is quite rapid, as in 1960 around 40% of students was learning one foreign language, but currently it has come down to around 10% of students. Even, this 10% includes students whose mother tongue is other than English. The case of Australia is quite different than other OECD countries, as in those other countries, most of the students complete school with at least one foreign language. If you want to learn some foreign language and need assistance then you can avail assignment help Sydney or help with assignments in Sydney. Interest to learn foreign language has also reduced in leading universities of Australia, as in the University of NSW 1524 students took Chinese at HSC level in the year 2005, in 2015, the number of students of Chinese dropped to 832, whereas the total number of students at HSC is 12000 more in 2015 than 2005. More interestingly, even from that 832 students a mere 153 is pursuing Chinese as a second language. The state of Japanese is slightly better than Chinese, but the number of students getting enrolled in Indonesian is really insignificant. In this situation, the most preferred second language in NSW schools is still French. If you need special assistance for learning a foreign language you can take marketing assignment help.
Most of the experts and scholars working in the field of teaching various foreign language feel that the main reason behind this decline is the “monolingual mentality” prevalent in the country. According to this mindset, individuals get a strange conviction that English as a language is enough, as it has got Australian this far, it will also do the same in the future. However, the world is not same and of late, it is changing rapidly. Especially, with the rise of new Asian countries in the world economy, an individual must know more than one language to be able to cope up with some inadvertent situation. Students tend to build up some sort of procastination towards learning or knowing foreign languages and subjects. To be able to come out of this mindset you are recommended to take assistance with assignments in Sydney.
Another more practical reason why students are losing interest of studying a foreign language is the lack of qualified language teachers resulting in lack of attention to students, especially during the early years. Even the mandatory 100 hours in year 7 or 8 is also not properly undertaken. In this context, Asia Education Foundation Research found that students tend to continue with some foreign language when they have a more choice. And in recent years, the various Government intervention has made a significant difference. As previously in 10+2 level, students need to choose 5-6 subjects and two of them had to be languages, but with recent focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students are only encouraged to take 4 subjects at this level. Naturally, students are taking subjects which will possibly help them get into some professional courses, without realizing the paramount importance learning a language holds in one’s life.

So as a concluding remark, it can be highlighted that to improve the conditions of foreign languages in the country, multiple changes at different levels are required, and most importantly, citizens need to change their monolingual mindset.

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