Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why half of US parents can't help their kids with homework

We have always seen queries from parents who are worried about their kid's homework and assignments.Recent studies show that 95% of students needs help for their homework for which they have only these options to take help. They can be his/her parents, friends, teachers or Google. In countries like USA, Australia etc due to extreme busy schedule and individualism even parents find it tough to help the students. In most of the families both parents are working leaving only the option of friends, teachers and Google open for the student. In a classroom structure it becomes difficult to even get a personalized help from teachers and friends. So the only option left for students is to go to Google and search for someone who can help them with their assignments. 

In a recent study by it is clearly shown that 50% parents are facing difficulty in helping their kids with their homework.

Home work help to help kids

It was surprising to see that majority of students said that they do not understand the study material which is provided by the universities. Around 30 percent said that their kids do not want help from their parents and around 20 percent said that they are too busy in their life to help their kids. It is disappointing for the future of USA but thankfully their are some good essay help companies which can help the kids to excel in their assignments.

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