Thursday, May 19, 2016

If you are good at essays, you can offer essay help to your friends and get treated for a party

If you are good at essays, you can offer essay help to your friends and get treated for a party
You might have heard about the old saying that there is no harm in learning as always what you learn in life might not give you benefit immediately, but can always prove to be useful in the long run. Same goes with writing skill, especially how to write a good essay or a journal article. Often grad and undergrad students in the USA tend to underestimate the importance of developing an excellent skill of writing essays. And that rightly explains the current scenario, where students of these levels predominantly depend on professional custom essay writers for writing their essays without attempting them on their own. This trend has changed a lot when online academic assistance providers started offering help online and students can avail these services from the comfort of their homes. Alternatively, if you are a student who has a good grasp of English grammar, can organize thoughts in terms of arguments, and can present them in a logically plausible manner, then you can really think of sharpening your skill of essay writing to provide essay writing help to your fellow classmates or hostel mates. Considering the growing demand of essay writing service, your service will also be welcomed as your friends can ask for help whenever they require and you can very well earn a handsome amount as your pocket money, or can be treated for a party. If you are serious about the same, then you can definitely contemplate of taking essay writing as a part time work opportunity to fund your college fees, or hostel rents.
How to write a perfect essay: In the interest of helping you out with how to write a perfect essay for securing the highest possible grade, we will discuss some of the important points that you need take care while writing an essay. As already indicated essay writing can be sometime bit tricky if you tend to take it very lightly. It is always recommended before starting an essay you know what you are expected off and how you can produce it efficiently.
First pay attention to the topic or the question of the assignment. Try to decide who could be the targeted audience for your essay. On the basis of that you should first decide on what type of essay you should be writing. If you are not clear about different types of essays, then devote some time understanding these first.
o Narrative Essay: The main objective of a narrative essay is to tell a story. Generally you are expected to write about your own experience and thus ideally should write in a first person point of view.
o Descriptive Essay: This type of essay is meant to paint a picture in readers’ mind. It generally contains narratives about an incident, an object, or even a memory of special significance. The description should preferably communicate something deeper about the issue.
o Expository Essay: This is one of the basic types of an academic essay. Through this type of essay generally a concept or an idea is exemplified or discussed. This type of essays validates to the extent you have understood a particular concept and can explain it comprehensively.
o Persuasive Essay: This type of essay can be considered as the most important type of an academic essay, not only for graduate students, but also for larger academia. Generally through this type of essay an argument is expressed or rather established.
It is highly important that for producing a quality essay you decide on the structure of the essay and think through how you are going to organize your arguments. 
The main purpose of an essay is to define a thesis statement and then justify it and finally establish it through various citations from other scholarly articles. 
Organize your essay under the three main sections:
o Introduction: should describe the thesis statement
o Body: for justifying the thesis statement in a series of paragraphs
o Conclusion: summing up your arguments and providing a synthesis of ideas.
Always edit and proofread your essay carefully before giving it to your friends.
Summary: If writing essays never troubled you as such, and if you really enjoy the challenge of writing essays, then, you can very well offer essay help to your friends and classmates. First of all, this can obviously help you in earning some good amount of money or becoming highly popular among your friends and peers. Secondly, like any other skill, regular practice of writing essays will sharpen your essay writing skill, and then writing essays for your own assignment will be extremely easy for you.It is not about only assignment, as in academia essays are one of most used avenues for communicating your research, improving your essay writing skill is going to help you in the long run as well.
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