Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Assignment Writing Tips: Procrastination

Procrastination can be defined as delaying some task that one needs to complete within a specified deadline. Procrastination is very common behavioral traits observed in university students while completing their assignments. If you also have the habit of procrastination, then you should take assignment help sydney Well in advance to be able to complete your assignment. Now, there is a widely held notion that procrastination occurs because the student is lazy and not focused. As you also might be knowing that reality is not that simple and procrastination can result from the following causes as well:
Having set a very high standard of expectation for yourself.
Not completely clear about how to manage an assignment.
Imagining challenges that you might be facing while writing.
Feeling lack of skills to complete the assignment properly.
Tied up with your part time job and not able to take out enough time for writing.

Don’t feel completely devastated by your habit of procrastination, as with the help of proper strategies you can almost get over it. This article will help you out with strategies to avoid procrastination. However, if you still feel not able to manage the habit, it is recommended that you take assistance with assignment in Sydney.

Plan your time
Generally, in graduate or even undergraduate level a student should spend 2 hours outside class, per hour of class time. That means that if you are taking a 12 credit course, then every week you should attempt to spend at least 24 hours outside class for reading, writing assignment. On an average, 10 to 15 hours outside class-time should be reserved for completing a 1000 to 2000 word assignment. The most efficient way to use this time is to spread it across a few weeks, depending on the deadline of various assignments. As now almost everyone has access to smart phone, you can use free planning application like Google Calendar, with a reminder feature. Make good use of this type of application to spread out the stipulated time for the assignment over a week or multiple weeks.
Time management has four main dimensions: 
Organization: recognizing the basic routines and systems that work best for you can be extremely useful and can help you remove a lot of worry from your life. Some examples are: where and how to store notes, how much sleep you require, what sort of sleep schedule fits you best, when to work and when to take breaks, etc. Planning out these routines for yourself will maximize your productivity and leave your mind fresh and energetic when it should be. Don’t think that ‘one size fits-all method’should be followed for routines, instead figure out what works best for you. As properly planned routine can easily transform you into a multi-tasker.

Prioritization: You should not only prioritize between your personal, social and academic life, but also create detailed priority plans for various courses and assignments depending on deadlines,the importance of those assignments, and credit of the courses of those assignments. 
Pareto principle:This principle advocates that mostly one can get 80% of the results or end product, with a well-placed 20% of the effort or input. Make smart use of this idea while writing assignments.
Focus: Once all the above components are in place, then you need to get on with it to carry out your plans in the best possible manner.
If you find these strategies are just too much for you to handle, then take help of an essay writing service.. Just keep reminding yourself that even great writers need to start writing before they could create an immaculately written piece. So the main thing is that irrespective of your plans, you can’t complete any assignment unless and until you start writing it.