Thursday, June 30, 2016

How To Review Your Essay's Parts Of Speech Mistakes

Mastering the art of essay writing is a complex procedure with various elements that need to be perfected. Often, the most common mistakes made are the small little ones like spellings, punctuation and grammar that often lead to the failure of your essay. No matter how great an idea you come up with, if you fail to put them down in words correctly and clearly, your essay won’t taste success. Thus, here we will talk about correcting and omitting parts of speech mistakes that are very commonly made even by professional essay writing service providers.

The four most challenging parts of speech are pronouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. Following is how to use them correctly and how to correct your mistakes to compile a great essay.
Pronouns are words used to refer to or to take place of a noun. Words like they, he, I, me, them, his, her, etc. are all pronouns. Now in order to use pronouns correctly, there should be agreement between the noun and the pronoun on three lines:
- Agreement in Number – For a singular noun, a singular pronoun must be used
Incorrect: Four girls jumped into the lake, she drowned.
Correct: Four girls jumped into the lake, they drowned.
- Agreement in Person – It would be wrong to switch your sentence to different person pronouns like from first person to second to third. The pronouns used for first person are I, we, us, me, etc. For second person we use You and in the third person he, she, him, they, her, etc. are used.
Incorrect: When the manager reaches the office, they should have his presentation ready.
Correct: When the manager reaches the office, he should have his presentation ready.
- In Obvious Referral To The Noun – It should be very clear to the reader as to which noun is the pronoun referring to.
Incorrect: Nancy and Fancy both went to the fair, but she did not return. (Who did not return, Nancy or fancy?)
Correct: Nancy and Fancy both went to the fair, but Nancy did not return.
Adjectives are words used to describe or modify nouns and pronouns. They add description and information about a thing, place or person in a sentence. It is only the choice of adjectives that makes an essay writer’s work unique. The ability to describe a particular thing aptly so that the reader can visualize what you wish to portray is an art, accomplished by professional  custom essay writers through correct use of adjectives. While too many may make your sentence look wordy and flowery, too few may make your essay boring and hard to relate to.
Words that describe verbs, adverbs are mostly easily spotted since most of them end with –ly, such as quickly, slowly, nicely, etc. However, most mistakes are made when adverbs that do not end with –ly are used. For example, Well is often misused in place of its counterpart Good which is only used to describe nouns whereas the former is used for verbs.
These are the connector words that are used to show the relationship between space or time. They connect nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence and are used to position or connection of a noun with respect to other words of the sentence. The common problems associated with prepositions are two. One – unnecessary usage and two – prepositional phrases. While sometimes, using a preposition where not required may look like beating about the bush, often essay writers get confused with prepositional phrases which are words that are always followed by a particular preposition in order for it to make sense like Account For, Speak With, Different Than, etc.
Incorrect: I picked up this dress from the new store
Correct: I picked this dress from the new store.
These mistakes are common but easy to correct. With just a little care, one can master the art of essay writing and taste success in whichever field they wish to go.

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