Friday, July 1, 2016

Learn to write effective Personal Essays

Personal Essays are all about presenting your character, your way of thinking, your outlook and your personality, served to the reader in a beautiful, reflective and narrative form. Personal essays, mostly tell a story, describe an experience or merely portray the essay writer’s character. The most common occasion where personal essays are required are at the time of filling in a college application. The most colleges’ application procedure involves writing a personal statement or a personal essay based on which the authorities decide whether to take that student in or not. Thus, for all those who are soon to apply to different colleges, here are some great tips on how to write personal essays and how to crack the code!

While the basic structure of a personal essay stays similar to the five paragraph structure of any other form of essays, there are a few things that the custom essay writer must keep in mind while writing a personal essay including what the reader might be looking for in your essay? Surely, there will be a lot of things that the reader wishes to analyse about you by way of your essay like:
- What are the expectations of the course?
- What is your major area of interest?
- What are your long and short term goals?
- How mature are you in your approach?
- What makes you unique and worth taking in?
While in some cases topics will be provided, there might be places where you will need to choose your own topic. Now that will be a difficult choice to make. Before you choose a topic, remember- 
- Talk about yourself. Talk about your accomplishments and how you would add value to their organization. Talk about what you wish to achieve with the opted course and how it will change your life.
- Be crisp and to the point in your writing. Talk about specific experiences or incidents. Tell a story or simply describe an activity that you took part in. Take this as an opportunity to introduce yourself to the reader and make sure you keep him engaged.
- Highlight your uniqueness. Talking about a problem you were able to solve or a personality trait that you developed would be very appropriate till the time you do not get boastful. 
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